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How to get more from Force24 in 2019

15 April 2019
by Force24

We often touch on the topic of ROI in our blogs, as we know marketers are being pushed to achieve more – often in the face of limited time and budgets! So, for this blog, we have invited different members of the Force24 team to share some of their marketing automation tips and hacks, to give your ROI a boost!

1. Don't expect 1 email to clinch a deal

Emails are most effective when the comms is sustained, and we've devised a 6-step guide to the perfect nurture sequence to prove this! But it's also crucial to remember that the goal of an email isn't to sell – it is to educate, inspire, inform, engage and open doors. The objectives of any email campaign should be clear (and realistic), and marketing teams should work closely with sales to ensure hot leads are passed to the right people at the right time.

2. Ensure a seamless flow between sales and marketing

And on that note – the two departments can sometimes seem like chalk and cheese, but a seamless flow between sales and marketing can work wonders for lead generation. Campaigns can be analysed in terms of engagement to see which prospects should be forwarded onto sales to be contacted with the highest chance of converting.

3. Differentiate between your hot and cold leads

There’s little point wasting time pushing cold prospective contacts to interact with your brand, when you can use Force24’s lead scoring to differentiate exactly who is more engaged. Contacting warm leads increases your chance of closing a deal. We usually say 60-70 is the perfect score to know when someone is ready to sign.

4. Understand the role of SMS

SMS is one of the fastest ways to reach your target audience with a compelling campaign guaranteed to get a brand noticed. It shouldn't be thought of as an acquisition tool, but SMS is a powerful medium to drive customer loyalty, satisfaction and brand advocacy. It creates a sense of 'we're always on and always with you.'

As with most modern channels, SMS needs to be timely, personal and relevant, so that recipients aren't bombarded with ad hoc, impersonal or uninteresting spam-style content. But, if it mimics human conversation and genuinely adds value, e.g. for a customer-service campaign, it could be extremely effective. It's a great way to collect customer satisfaction scores too!

5. Group your searches

When building a query for a journey or contact search, start by adding a new group and then immediately deleting it. This allows for multiple groups that can be controlled by a master and/or switch. So, I can have someone who is a member of a marketing list A OR B, and who ‘has web activity’, for example.

6. Tailor your opt out preferences

Manage your sub-preferences and then personalise and/or tailor campaigns, specifically to these! Find ‘Opt Out preferences’ in the settings page of Force24 and create 5/6 different preferences you’d like to appear on the unsubscribe page. This allows people to choose what they’d like to hear about instead of them having to blanket unsubscribe from everything.

Depending on the type of business/campaign, you can also separate into email ‘type’ e.g. newsletter/event info/sale and discounts/download guides. Additionally, if you’re a retailer, for example, and you only send out product emails with ‘buy now’ CTAs, you could choose to separate opt out preferences according to the product category.

You can then select the sub-preference on the campaign/journey set up, to ensure just the contacts subscribed to this preference will receive the comms!

If you’ve found these tips useful, download our ‘how to 12 x your marketing ROI’ guide.


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