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Help from humans (not chatbots).

Ever got stuck in a maddening loop with a chatbot? We thought so. Our team is made up of real, talented humans, on hand to help with everything from organisation to campaign management.

Our support services

Support from the get go.

When you use the Force24 platform, you get access to unlimited training and support for the lifetime of your contract, with the option to purchase additional services too.

Experienced account managers.

As a Force24 customer, you get instant access to a dedicated account manager. They’ll be your main point of contact, and can help you make the most of the platform with marketing automation training.

Innovative strategists.

When you’re dealing with the everyday, it can be hard to zoom out and see the bigger picture. Our strategic support team can give you much-needed perspective, helping you shape your wider strategy and reach your goals, fast.

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Not sure what kind of support you need? Don’t be shy. Our whole company is UK based, so we’ll be here to answer your burning (relevant) questions.

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