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Why Your IP Reputation Matters To Email Deliverability

17 June 2022
by Jess Cheung

Did you know that your IP score, also known as your IP reputation, is your company’s unique sender score?

This score is incredibly important and will affect how successful your email campaigns are delivered to the recipients.

Why Is IP Reputation Important? 

A strong IP score means that you are considered a trustworthy sender and, as a result, your emails will reach the intended recipients. A poor reputation means that your emails are more likely to be marked as spam.

ip reputationHow To Increase Your IP Score

The good news is that with the right guidance, you can increase your IP reputation with the correct methodology that Force24 provides.

With the Force24 Deliverability Report, you’ll be able to monitor your email engagement metrics over time. You’ll also get a breakdown summary of your open and click-through rates by your contact’s mailbox provider. This can help you identify which mailbox provider sends you’ll need to improve on.

Force24 Email Deliverability report
6 Tips To Maintain Your IP Reputation:

  1. Request your IP reputation score from your email marketing provider or third-party tools such as Sender Score.

  2. Cleanse your data to understand the deliverability confidence of any new contacts/inactive contacts for more than 6 months. This will provide you with a deliverability confidence score, as well as whether the email address is valid, risky, undeliverable or contains a typo.

  3. Alter your sending cadence based on engagement. Send higher cadence for contacts who have recently engaged, and lower cadence for those who haven’t engaged recently.

  4. Consistently send emails throughout the week and avoid the batch and blast approach.

  5. Don’t rely solely on your IP score. Look at your deliverability reporting page to identify issues with specific providers ahead of your IP score dropping down. 

  6. Conduct re-engagement campaigns to build your engaged marketing list, without negatively impacting your IP health.

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