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The Secret Formula to Effective Data Capture – Free Guide Download

24 January 2022
by Force24

As a modern-day marketer, you have an array of channels and techniques that you’re able to deploy, especially if your end goals are to not only drive traffic to your brand’s website but capture important data as a result.

So, if detail is what you need from your online audience – and let’s face it, that’s a large part of our job as industry professionals today – then this is the guide for you.

That’s why we’ve gathered a range of different types of data capture elements that you can explore – depending on how much insight you want to gather. And the result? Do it right, and you’ll not only increase web traffic numbers, but you should see a positive impact on your conversions and bottom line as a result.

And we know all this because data capture is something we at Force24 do every single day via our powerful marketing automation platform. So, what do you want to know about first? Is it how technology can help your marketing department gather critical information? Or perhaps it’s gaining a greater understanding of the types of data capture you can use to get to know your audience on a deeper level, and being armed with the knowledge of when to deploy them?

Whatever it is, this guide has you covered.

When you download ‘The secret formula to effective data capture’, your free copy will contain:

  • A GDPR-compliant framework covering how much information you need to retrieve from each type of data capture technique

  • The differences between unpopulated and pre-populated sign-up forms

  • Examples of the data you need to be collecting for both B2B and B2C consumers

  • Advice on when to use gated forms, incentives, and alerts (such as ‘subscribe to our mailing list’)

  • And information about the release of our new pop-up builder – an incredibly powerful application that’s designed to help you capture data more effectively.

So, what are you waiting for?

Download ‘The secret formula to effective data capture’ for free, today. In the meantime, supercharge your marketing by arranging a demo of Force24 – the UK’s fastest growing marketing automation platform. Call 0845 272 5990 or email info@force24.co.uk


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