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Tempting Ventures

Digital transformation at scale: learn how Tempting Ventures saw 17x ROI just one year after integrating Force24 with their CRM – Vincere.

The challenge

A disjointed and inefficient tech stack

Tempting Ventures – the go-to recruitment investor – were initially using a basic ESP for their email marketing, with their marketing function in its early stages. They faced challenges with a disjointed tech stack, which was not effectively integrated with their email marketing platform. This was impacting the communication between the marketing and sales teams. They needed a two-way sync to make their processes more efficient and enrich their candidate and client database.


Our approach

Seamless integration

Tempting Ventures integrated Force24 with Vincere to address their integration issues and streamline their marketing processes. After establishing a close collaboration with our support team, they began by piloting the platform with a selection of businesses within their portfolio. This helped them to better understand the platform’s potential and address their marketing needs.

“We established a seamless two-way integration between Force24 and CRM across our nine-strong business portfolio.”

The solution

Portfolio expansion

After extensive discussions and pilot testing, the company decided to onboard Force24 as their integrated marketing platform across all nine businesses in the group. They found that Force24 not only resolved their initial CRM integration issues but also offered a range of features they had not initially considered. This expanded their view of the platform, transforming it into a comprehensive marketing automation and support tool that unlocked further value in Vincere.

“Integrating Force24 with Vincere has reduced our campaign execution time from days or weeks to a matter of hours. Now we spend an hour or two per business to set up these campaigns and deliver leads to the sales teams.”

The results

A worthy investment, with 17 x ROI

Force24 has exceeded Tempting Ventures’ expectations. The initial challenge of a disjointed tech stack was effectively addressed, better equipping them to place more candidates and win more clients. The journey with Force24 continues, with an eye on automation and more advanced marketing strategies, powered by a deep integration with Vincere.

Tempting Ventures are propelling forward, confident in Force24’s ability to adapt to any challenge. Now building winning campaigns with ease, they have enhanced the efficiency of their processes and laid the foundation for future growth. This can be said for all nine businesses across their ever-evolving portfolio.

Key results
  • 17 x ROI after 1 year of using Force24.
  • Campaigns that once took days or weeks, now take a few hours.
  • A more targeted approach with improved campaign effectiveness, achieving an uplift of 50% or more in open rates and an increase of 70% or more in click-throughs.
  • An efficient outreach process backed by the right data, with refined target lists and automated lead scoring provided by the integrated features of Force24 and Vincere.
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