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Perrys Motor Sales

Smashing sales targets with a fraction of the budget: read how Perrys Motor Sales embraced digital-first strategy via our platform.

The challenge

An expensive, events-based strategy.

Perrys – an award-winning national dealer group – was struggling to keep up with their own growth plans. Their marketing team relied on outdated manual and inefficient systems, providing limited insights beyond basic metrics like open and click rates.

They needed a solution to deliver personalised and timely digital communications that would drive conversions. In the past, Perrys’ strategy relied heavily on events, which required big hosting budgets often exceeding £100K, but the pandemic quickly put a stop to this, and highlighted the need for a more efficient approach to engaging with customers.



Our approach

Input destination: success.

To address these challenges, Perrys embraced a digital-first strategy with the help of Force24. Suddenly, they could leverage automated email, SMS, web-tracking, lead scoring, and other tools to enhance engagement, nurture customer relationships, and increase conversion rates.

By adopting Force24, Perrys was able to achieve significant results while operating on a budget of just £5,000. This complete digital transformation allowed Perrys to overcome the limitations of their existing tech stack and deliver tailored communications to meet the specific needs of each customer.


“Lead scoring has become an indispensable tool, helping us to identify potential customers ready to convert and streamlining our processes for maximum efficiency.”

The solution

A modest budget, turbocharged.

We played a pivotal role in Perrys’ success by providing essential features and capabilities. Our platform enabled Perrys to generate 559 sales, a remarkable achievement considering the modest budget allocation of 5% of their total marketing budget. 

With Force24, Perrys achieved better results and a higher return on investment (ROI) for their loyalty events. The solution empowered Perrys to improve data segmentation and gain real-time insights into customer interests through web tracking. Additionally, the implementation of lead scoring streamlined their processes by enabling instant notifications to call centre staff when customers were ready for follow-up or appointments.


“By adopting a digital-first strategy with Force24, we revolutionised our customer loyalty approach, leaving costly physical events behind and achieving better results with only 5% of our budget.”

The results

Discovering a hidden gem.

Perrys experienced remarkable results in engaging their customers and driving bottom-line growth. The adoption of lead scoring, a feature they’d initially overlooked, became an indispensable tool. 

They now have enhanced data segmentation and live insights, so they can better understand their customers’ preferences and respond accordingly. The streamlined processes and improved efficiency delivered by Force24 allowed Perrys to achieve significant ROI, providing a better overall experience for their customers.

Key results
  • Generated 559 sales with a budget of just £5,000
  • Improved data segmentation
  • Real-time insights into customer interests through web tracking
  • Streamlined conversion processes
  • Boosted ROI of loyalty events, previously costing over £100K
  • Enhanced customer engagement and bottom-line growth
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