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Gulliver’s World

Find out how Gulliver’s World makes memorable moments with Force24’s personalised marketing automation.

The challenge

Limited insights, disconnected technology.

Well-known theme park resort company Gulliver’s World was facing a handful of different challenges in their marketing strategy. Their existing email service provider was archaic, and unable to deliver personalised communications to their sizable database of 183,000+ subscribers.

On top of this, their communications weren’t designed to be mobile-friendly, leaving 68% of their subscribers at risk of feeling isolated. Gulliver’s also had disparate technology stacks, lacked critical data insights, and weren’t equipped to celebrate key customer milestones – a lot of missed opportunities!


Our approach

The start of a journey.

The goal was to refine and improve the quality of their data, with a focus on multichannel marketing. Force24’s email journey builder and integration capabilities were perfectly suited for re-engaging previous visitors through tailored email nurture sequences. Plus, our team’s can-do attitude and personal support helped Gulliver’s seamlessly onboard onto the platform.

“Our vision is to create unforgettable experiences for families with themed accommodation and memorable days out.”

The solution

Delivery time reduced by 91%

With Force24 in place, Gulliver’s completely transformed their marketing approach. The platform empowered their team to drive individualised campaigns, boosting engagement and increasing conversion rates. Email sequences that used to take three hours to execute now only require fifteen minutes.

The platform’s in-depth reporting capabilities enabled Gulliver’s to track subscriber usage across their four main websites, allowing them to plan future communications with precision. The intuitive and agile nature of the platform vastly improved Gulliver’s campaigns and marketing processes, so they could consistently deliver a proactive and personalised experience for families.

“Onboarding was a breeze with the helpful and supportive Force24 team. We went from three-hour email marathons to a quick fifteen-minute setup!”

The results

Boosted conversion, and a seamless customer experience.

Gulliver’s can now deliver targeted campaigns that boost engagement and conversion rates, while providing a seamless experience across all devices. Our platform’s comprehensive reporting capabilities have allowed Gulliver’s to track subscriber usage and make data-driven decisions for future communications. 

In short, they’re able to provide a proactive and personalised experience for both new and loyal families visiting their theme park resorts. With Force24 as a trusted partner, Gulliver’s is well-positioned to elevate their marketing efforts and continue creating magical moments for families.

Key results
  • Improved data quality and personalisation
  • An enhanced user experience
  • Efficient campaign execution – a 90.6% drop in execution time
  • Actionable insights identified with in-depth reporting capabilities
  • Consistently proactive and personalised communications
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