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Carlisle Brass

Outpacing the competition: read how Carlisle Brass surged ahead with a revolutionary lead nurturing strategy.

The challenge

Communication overload.

Carlisle Brass, a manufacturer and distributor of premium door hardware in the UK, was struggling to effectively communicate with their diverse customer base, spread across multiple regions. On top of that, the hassle of manual communication and lead nurturing was overwhelming their stretched Area Sales Managers (ASMs).



Our approach

Down to brass tacks.

Carlisle Brass discovered Force24, which quickly became their all-in-one marketing automation solution for creating, managing, and automating their marketing campaigns. Recognising its potential and innovation, Carlisle Brass knew they had found the perfect match.

“Managing over 100 customers per ASM was an impossible feat. But with Force24, we were able to incorporate personalised check-ins into sleek email journeys with ease.”

The solution

From manual outreach to automated nurture…

With Force24, Carlisle Brass was able to segment their customer base and tailor emails accordingly, reducing outbound efforts and freeing their ASMs to focus on valuable in-market opportunities. 

Our automation features enabled them to retarget customers who initially showed little engagement, catching the right people at the right time. They incorporated personalised check-ins into email journeys using replicated signatures from their ASMs, and created interactive emails with videos and GIFs to boost engagement. The platform’s powerful reporting feature made tracking engagement and adapting strategies effortless.

“Our deliverability performance has soared, all thanks to Force24’s expertise and functionality!”

The results

The road to a being a market leader.

Since implementing Force24, Carlisle Brass has witnessed a significant surge in opens, clicks and overall engagement. The positive feedback from customers and staff has been remarkable, and the company’s Managing Director describes the emails as seamless and professional. 

Ultimately, Force24’s expert support has led to improved deliverability performance. By being innovative with their marketing strategy using Force24, Carlisle Brass has outpaced its competitors, streamlining their marketing efforts, nurturing leads, and driving growth and success.

Key results
  • Surge in opens, clicks, and overall engagement
  • Robust nurturing that reduces manual outreach
  • Seamless, professional emails that garnered positive customer feedback
  • Improved deliverability performance and email reputation
  • Competitive advantage and business growth
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