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Career Teachers

Igniting dormant candidates: discover how Career Teachers sparked a 25% surge in business growth with Force24.

The challenge

An ever-changing candidate pool.

Career Teachers – the specialist education recruitment agency – was struggling to manage a large and changing candidate pool, resulting in neglect of potential candidates. Their existing email marketing tool lacked personalisation and targeted communication. With a constant stream of temporary and permanent education roles their marketing automation strategy needed to be timely, relevant and robust.



Our approach

Teaching success.

Career Teachers adopted Force24, our marketing automation platform with advanced personalisation and automation capabilities. We took care of the integration with their CRM system, and in no time they were fully set up, so they could utilise the platform features to engage with candidates in a targeted and automated manner. The strategy focused on building long-term relationships.


“We use Force24 to utilise real-time campaign analytics and continuously optimise our candidate communication strategy.”

The solution

An untapped resource…

With our tech stack, Career Teachers re-engaged dormant candidates, tailored emails to individual candidates, and utilised the “genius blocks” feature for dynamic and personalised campaigns. Automation improved their candidate experience and showcased the agency’s competence. They were also able to re-engage with dormant candidates and bring them back into the recruitment cycle.

“Force24’s genius blocks have helped us create tailored messages without the hassle of multiple campaigns.”

The results

Hyper-personalised emails with open rates over 80%.

Force24 has proven instrumental in streamlining their recruitment processes and achieving more efficient, timely placements. Career Teachers can better engage their candidate pool, drive greater engagement and conversion across the board.

The ability to track and measure the success of email campaigns in real-time has also been a game-changer, as they can continually optimise their communications, adjusting their approach based on what was working and what wasn’t.

Key results
  • 25% increase in business growth, with candidate conversions now at 75%
  • Open rates exceeding 80%
  • Faster and more efficient position filling
  • Improved candidate experience and stronger relationships
  • Real-time tracking and optimisation of email campaigns
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