Lead nurturing unleashed: 6 proven techniques with marketing automation

80% of marketers using marketing automation generate more leads, and some even claim a staggering 451% increase in qualified leads!

Impressive, right? Well, brace yourselves because these stats, courtesy of SmallBizGenius, are far from groundbreaking to us.

You see, we fully grasp the vital role lead nurturing plays in both marketing and sales. While many are already doing a decent job, we’re here to take you to the next level with your Force24 platform. And the best part? It requires minimal extra effort.

With 6,000+ marketers harnessing the power of our marketing automation platform, we want to ensure you’re extracting maximum value from it.

So, let’s dive into 6 dynamic strategies to effectively nurture leads using marketing automation:

  1. Unleash User Journeys

Don’t expect every contact in your database to devour every email you send or diligently follow every step of a nurture sequence. We’re all unique individuals at various stages of the sales funnel. What resonates with some in email 2 may fall flat for others who only engage towards the end of your marketing campaign.

Some prospects are new to your brand and need a little more education. Remember, it takes around 6 emails before someone truly interacts with what you have to offer. That’s where our Journey Builder shines. It allows marketers to craft tailored, relevant content for specific segments. Taking the 6-step approach into account, here’s a glimpse of what a typical sequence might look like:

  • Introduction: Explain why you’re reaching out and how your brand can make a difference.
  • Social proof: Showcase who’s already onboard and why prospects should care.
  • Gain: Highlight the benefits they’ll receive if they engage with your message.
  • Fear: Emphasise the consequences of missing out.
  • Logic: Make a compelling case for why they should buy.
  • Urgency: Create a sense of immediacy, urging them to act now!
  1. Inject AB Test Messages and Tempting Incentives

Once you’ve set up your journey, it’s crucial to test, test, and test some more! Experiment with different versions of emails, landing pages, and forms to identify what resonates with each prospect (and what falls flat), boosting your response rates and overall conversion rate.

Our recommendation is to focus on testing one element at a time when AB testing your marketing campaigns. For instance, play around with subject lines or tweak the length of your copy to gauge their impact.

And whenever possible, sprinkle your communications with incentives to make your message irresistible. Discounts, refer-a-friend offers, and VIP access to exclusive content are fantastic ways to elevate engagement rates, deliver value-driven benefits, and nurture prospects effectively.

  1. Embrace Genius Blocks and Dynamic Content

While you’re busy AB testing, harness the power of our Genius Blocks feature to construct potent, conversion-driven emails and landing pages that dynamically adapt to each user’s preferences and engagement history. No coding required!

With dynamic content, you can tailor snippets of copy to specific segments, gaining deeper insights into what truly resonates and what falls flat. Imagine the possibilities!

  1. Make it Personal, Always

Now, let’s talk about true personalisation. Addressing your email recipient as “Hello [First Name]” doesn’t cut it. Real personalisation means sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

As a savvy marketer, you should dissect the data from your marketing automation and respond accordingly to send relevant communications. By doing so, you’ll design and deliver digital content that feels hyper-relevant to each individual, capturing their immediate interests.

  1. Explore Diverse Communication Channels

Sure, you’ve plugged in an email marketing platform like Force24, but that’s just the beginning of engaging your prospects. We have so much more in store!

Emails undoubtedly open the door to communication, but there are additional, complementary ways to interact with your prospects. Consider these avenues:

  • SMS: Utilise these to promote events and send reminders to attendees.
  • Guides and Whitepapers: Offer high-level content as a free download, but reserve in-depth whitepapers for those willing to provide more information through data capture forms.
  • Microsites: Picture them as mini websites driving traffic to explore more about your hero products or specific marketing campaigns.
  • Landing Pages: Excellent for boosting attendance at webinars and physical events. Engage prospects further with enticing incentives, and don’t forget to capture relevant data.
  • Social Media: Keep the interaction going, maintain a fresh online presence. Our Force24 customers can dive into SoAmpli, our social media marketing tool that empowers employee advocacy.
  • Direct Mail: Target specific segments, identified through your MarTech data, to promote new products, services, or upcoming events.
  1. Cement Decisions with Testimonials

Last but not least, did you know that approximately 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase? During the crucial “social proof” stage of your email sequence (refer to point 1), leverage this opportunity to showcase exactly why recipients should trust what you have to say.

Thanks to marketing automation, gathering and sharing testimonials has never been easier. Let your advocates do the talking and establish trust effortlessly.

Now that you’re armed with these lead-nurturing strategies, it’s time to unleash the full potential of marketing automation. Your prospects are waiting, and success is just a few dynamic campaigns away.

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