Force24 Ltd cookie policy

Recommended reading, not eating.

Our website comes with cookies, but sadly not the chocolate chip kind. We use them to enhance your viewing experience, and help with data tracking. 

Not feeling it? Fair enough! Some cookies can can be disabled through your browser, but please note that it’s a condition of website use that you agree to our use of cookies.

Force24’s Cookie Policy should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy and Force24’s Terms and Conditions of Trade.

Force24 uses cookies (you can’t eat them though)

The Force24 website uses certain cookies to enhance your viewing experience and to provide Force24 useful information concerning the type of content accessed. A cookie can identify both the user and the browser, and can be left on the user’s device indefinitely. When the user’s browser returns to that website, the cookie connects with the domain and shares with it the data it has collected or stored about that user. If you are a Force24 Platform customer and need information concerning what you need to include in your own cookies policy please consult your Force24 contact.


What are cookies? 

Cookies comprise small data files, which are placed on the user’s desktop computer, notebook computer or handheld device such as a smartphone or tablet when the individual visits a website. Cookies are used by most online service providers to make certain services function, to give a more meaningful browsing experience and to provide reporting information for Force24. For more information about different cookies please visit



How we use cookies on the Force24 website.

The Force24 website uses cookies to monitor its website, these cookies are used to collect a limited amount of personal information such as IP address details. Some of this personal information can be combined with other data held by Force24 like an email address to gain a better understanding of your viewing activities and areas of interest.



How we manage your personal data.

You can find out how we manage your personal data over in our Privacy Policy. If you are viewing information from one of our customers you must check their Privacy Policy regarding how they handle your personal data.


Want to change your cookie settings?

That’s cool with us! Most web browsers enable the management of many cookies through the browser settings. However, certain cookies on the Force24 website are a condition of use and this is clearly stated at the onset of your browsing experience.



Other info.

Please note that the cookies listed on this cookies policy are only applicable to the Force24 website. If you are a Force24 Platform customer there are certain cookies that you should include within your own cookies policy, as per page one, please consult your Force24 contact.

Force24 aims to be compliant with all data protection legislation including cookies. For additional information or questions please email 


Website Cookies Policy, updated July 3 2023