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Are you ready to win more customers? All Leads 2022 will show you how

30 June 2022
by Force24

A host of marketing and data industry experts will be taking centre stage at the very first ‘All Leads 2022’ event, powered by Force24.

Discussing the latest in digital acquisition, combining cross-channel expertise and providing actionable insight to help marketers improve their strategies and drive more leads, the summer session is one not to be missed. Speakers already confirmed include:

Anna Sutton, CEO of The Data Shed

As co-founder and CEO of the 60-strong data consultancy, Anna is a true expert in helping to leverage data for some of the UK’s biggest brands. Don’t miss her talk on the topic of data insights.

Kyle Daniel, growth director at SHIFT Marketplace

Former partner manager at Amazon, Kyle will be discussing how Amazon and other brands can harness the full power of the planet’s biggest e-commerce platform.

Chris Rowett, paid media director at Journey Further

With over 15 years’ experience in digital media buying and optimisation, Chris’s talk will centre on how you can maximise paid placements – from pay-per-click advertising to branded content and display ads.

Peter Lowes, strategy director at Present Works

Taking on the topic of personal branding and how to turn your LinkedIn profile into an inbound lead generator for the long term, make sure you’re taking notes as Peter shares his fool-proof approach to revamp your online presence.

Adam Oldfield, CEO of Force24

Our very own founder CEO Adam will be offering killer insight into how you can craft hyper-personalised emails that engage, and deliver content that converts in minutes - with the help of marketing automation.

Fancy joining us for this one?

Register today for the All Leads 2022 event taking place on 14th July, from 1pm-4pm, at the Everyman Cinema in Leeds City Centre.



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