6 game-changing tips from All Leads!

In 2022 Force24 launched All Leads, the event that brings together the best agencies to provide actionable, none-salesy insight to help marketers learn more about what we’re talking about every day. This summer, we were joined by leading experts in marketing from some of the UK’s best agencies: Bobble, connective3, CreativeRace, Journey Further and SALT.agency. The tips shared were insightful and innumerate, but if we had to give you six that will change your marketing game and help you think differently, here they are:


  • “Email deliverability is the new SEO! It’s even governed by the same powers: Microsoft and Google. But it’s not just for techies. It’s your responsibility as a marketer to create engaging email content and keep on top of your data quality and segmentation.” – Adam Oldfield, CEO and Founder of Force24


  • “Want to rank higher on Google? Write high-quality, long-form content – we always say 1,500 – 2,000 words is the sweet spot. If you’re using AI tools, make sure they’re a supplement – not a replacement. If someone else is asking ChatGPT the same question, you can bet they’ll be getting the same answer and Google can smell duplicate content a mile off.” – Manpreet Singh, CEO of Bobble Digital


  • “Looks aren’t enough! Brands need a personality, so think about yours like a person. If your brand was a celebrity, who would you be and why? Use these personality traits to help you think differently about your brand. But don’t be afraid to make changes. Context is key and consumers are fickle.” – Eleanor Pick, Senior Strategist at Creative Race


  • “Content marketing isn’t about explicitly promoting a brand. Indirect content is a great way of connecting with your audience without even mentioning your offering. I previously worked with a car hire company, and you know what content popped-off the most? An article on the Pendle Witch Road Trip. Give your audience content they’ll enjoy, and they’ll thank you commercially in the long run.” Hannah Stones, Senior Content Consultant and Editor at SALT.agency


  • “Share of search represents 83% of a brand’s market share! It’s time to start monitoring yours. This can help you to measure the long-term, now, by getting a sense of your marketing positioning. Focus on brand building for long term sales growth and uplift. If you want to dominate the market, dominate search.” – Andrew Mirzai, Senior Digital Strategist at connective3


  • “64% of performance is down to creative. Explore using creator content across paid ads, brand site paid ads, owned social, OOH and email. Remember that repurposing content will save you time and money. But always check your re-usage rights!” – William Britain, Paid Social Team Lead at Journey Further


If you missed All Leads this year, don’t worry! We’ll be back in 2024. In the meantime, you can take a deeper dive into email at our upcoming masterclasses, where we’ll be visiting Harrogate, London, Nottingham and Manchester. Or why not have a read of our Email Marketing Playbook for a deeper dive into deliverability and beyond?

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