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Force24 helps Perrys Motor Sales saves £95,000 on new car registration event

31 March 2022
by Force24

When award-winning national car dealer group Perrys Motor Sales required support to take its new ‘Loyalty’ event online mid-pandemic, the team tapped into the benefits of marketing automation.

Moving away from ‘batch and blast’ style emails in favour of hyper-personalised content, the organisation – which has 50 showrooms nationwide – had an immediate need to create and deliver digital comms that were timely, relevant and conversion-rich.

With the new 22-plate set for March 2022, we revisit how Perrys utilised automated features and data analysis to deliver a memorable event to customers during a global crisis…

Having never used automation before, Perrys wanted a solution that was simple to use and quick to deploy to better understand their customers’ of-the-moment interests during the global crisis.

Previously utilising manual, time-heavy processes when speaking to consumers, a more personalised approach was required. And what better moment to unleash the power of Force24’s marketing automation platform than to gather interest in a popular event.

Plugging in Force24 into its existing CRM system, Perrys wanted the tool to specifically manage its comms for the dealer’s September 2020 Loyalty event – held annually to showcase new car registration plates for brands including Ford and Vauxhall.

How Marketing Automation Saved 95% Of Costs

Louise Bradbury, head of digital and CRM, said: “As lockdown restrictions eased in 2020, we were able to reopen locations with limited showroom viewings and social distancing in place speaking to buyers and delivering content they wanted to consume throughout, was essential.”

Typically, it would cost £100,000 to host a physical event inclusive of customer touchpoints which include marketing collateral, emails, POS, showroom flags and more.

With Force24, Perrys used automated email, SMS campaigns, web tracking, lead scoring marketing metrics and more to communicate effectively with customers – spending just £5,000 and generating 559 sales.

“Life before Force24 was manually intensive, and it wasn’t delivering the bottom-line results we needed when it came to truly engaging our customers”, commented Louise.

“We’re now much more streamlined in how we communicate and are able to send out content that’s personalised to each individual.”

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