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How to migrate your marketing automation platform without losing data or learnings

7 July 2016
by Adam Oldfield

We speak to marketers every day – marketers who express frustration that their sales aren’t as high as they’d like, or that their customer retention figures have started to fall. Yet when we suggest that they switch marketing automation providers to help combat the problem, their response is that they’re happy with what they’ve got!

As you can imagine, we’re naturally keen to delve a little deeper into this response. And, when the conversation unfolds, many admit that they’re not in fact using marketing automation to effectively manage their multi-channel campaigns.

This may be because they’re not being savvy enough – findings from a 2014 study revealed, for example, that 85% of B2B marketers feel they’re not using marketing automation platforms to their full potential.

However, there is often more to it. It may be because the marketing automation platform was built with a specific agenda – to link to only a certain CRM or to simply send out emails. Perhaps the customer support isn’t there. Maybe the technology has failed to evolve.

Whatever the reason, in truth, many marketers are far from happy with what they’ve got, however they don’t think it’s worth the hassle to switch.

But what if it was worth it? And what if it wasn’t a hassle?

What if it was possible to migrate your marketing automation platform without losing any data, journeys or learnings? What if this quick and straightforward process could engage more people, increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and make you, the marketer, look like you’ve nailed it?

Very few marketing automation specialists offer a migration service whatsoever, let alone a free one. We do.

We live and breathe tech. So, our very own developers have built a seamless integration suite which means we can integrate with your chosen CRM platform quickly and painlessly. We can extract and re-capture all of your data in a simple yet secure ‘lift and shift’ process. We can also re-implement all of your templates, journeys and campaigns to ensure communications consistency. And our own marketing professionals can even offer their thoughts, advice and suggestions for improvement along the way.

With the help of our technical account managers, who offer guidance from start to finish, you could be up and running with your fantastic new solution in around two weeks. The maximum downtime you will experience is 1 day, which means minimum disruption for your business.

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Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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