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Are companies too often satisfied with dissatisfied customers?

29 August 2013
by Adam Oldfield

Skimming through the Force24 Twitter feed, I came across an article entitled ‘Does customer experience matter when the price is right?’

My initial response? Of course it does. Good customer service is always an absolute must, whether you’re charging top prices or gutter-low ones. The example used in the article was that of budget hotels, and more specifically, their non-refundable, cheaper booking option. I’ve never made the mistake myself, but it seems when you book using this option, the second you click to commit it’s 100% non-refundable, even if a genuine mistake was made and noticed within seconds of clicking the ‘confirm booking’ button.

I imagine the realisation when this happens really stings and I can’t help but feel like you should get a 30 minute or so grace period. It’s almost as though they’re relying on the inevitability of human error to make some cheeky cash here and there.

The fact of the matter is, if this happened to me, I would not be making the same mistake again. I doubt that I would even book at that hotel chain again for fear of a repeat situation.

So what’s the catch? Of course, there has to be a catch. You wouldn’t pay double the price unless you were going to get something different, something better.

The difference should be within the quality of the product, not that of the service. If you book a budget hotel, you expect nothing more than a clean room with a decent bed; even a kettle is touch and go, but that’s fine. That’s what you get for the money you’re willing to spend. What you do expect as standard is a genuine smile as you check in and a friendly ‘take care’ as you leave.

So why is it so obvious that a friendly service should be the norm? You should get the same reaction from the waitress that serves you your breakfast as the person enjoying theirs on the next table. It’s common courtesy to be nice to one another. I’d expect the same from the hotel staff as from any other human, in any other situation.

At Force24 we strongly believe that the service should be the same regardless of the quantity of work you do with us. We’re dedicated and enthusiastic about what you do whether your prospect list is 1000 or 100, 000. This attitude comes from a genuine passion for what we do and an honest approach to client-agency relationships. We would never work with a client that we didn’t think we’d be perfect for, that’s a promise.

Why not check out our values to see what really motivates us?

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Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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