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31 May 2017
by Nick Washbourne

Upcoming marketing events – Sheffield and Southampton

There’s no such thing as a quiet time at Force24, but the weeks ahead are particularly busy. We’ve recently had a raft of new clients come on board, added new functionality to our marketing automation platform and attended a series of conferences throughout the UK. But the event calendar shows no sign of slowing!

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5 January 2017
by Adam Oldfield

Can retailers still get excited about SMS marketing?

You may have seen Force24 in Internet Retailing magazine recently. We were asked to comment on the role that the humble SMS can play in a modern multichannel marketing strategy. If you missed the feature, you can read it in full, here…

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13 December 2016
by Adam Oldfield

What do marketers need to know about cognitive biases?

It’s hard enough as it is trying to achieve cut through when talking to customers in a noisy marketplace, and now marketers are being told there are a growing number of cognitive biases to overcome too..?! A recent article on Psychology for Marketers explained exactly what these mental tendencies are – “…shortcuts in our brain that can determine our behaviour, without us knowing about it!” They allow our minds to play tricks on us, whether we realise it or not.

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For the lifetime of your agreement with Force24 you will have access to free online one-to-one training for our email marketing automation platform.

Our objective is to empower you via training to ensure you get the maximum return from using your email automation platform.


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