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Where Did All The Leads Go? – Webinar Takeaways

25 July 2022
by Force24

Here at Force24, we’re closely aligned with each and every one of our marketers.

Since the brand’s inception in 2010, our core purpose has been centred around the notion of human productivity – which means we’re committed to delivering our expertise on an ongoing basis to help you can achieve more. As one of the facets to this promise, our team delivers year-round webinars on the topics that matter the most to you.

Taking to the virtual stage last month, CEO Adam Oldfield and marketing manager Rory Groves delved deeper into all-things leads – from candidate attraction and nurturing, through to qualification and conversion – to help supercharge your marketing strategy.

Missed the session? Don’t fear! Here are some of the key takeaways…

There’s no denying it’s been a turbulent time for the industry recently – not least when it comes to budget constraints. During the pandemic, for example, most industries saw an average decrease of 26% in marketing budgets – and that figure is yet to hike back up.

But there’s a common misconception that if you’re spending less, you can’t be generating as many leads. The reality is, as Rory went on to explain, double the budget doesn’t mean double the leads – and money isn’t always the be-all and end-all of growth and success.

There’s An Unquantifiable Benefit of Collaboration

Sales and marketing employees should be working together at all stages, knowing at which point in the sales funnel to pass prospects from one division to the next. However, changes in working practices have increasingly created a barrier in this sense.

Take for instance, the pre-COVID set up. Where internal teams would once be physically close in proximity and able to carry out micro-conversations throughout the day – passing over updates on leads and facilitating a seamless transition for prospects – they are now geographically disparate in many instances and therefore often lack such integration.

But if your divisions are siloed and communications are misaligned, says Rory, this often results in a poor experience for the end-user and therefore a lacklustre result in terms of conversions too.

With this in mind, are your teams allocating sufficient time to glean and nurture insight, as well as own the empathetic voice of the customer?

A Shift In The Way Direct Communications Are Supporting Top-Of-The-Funnel Strategies

According to Adam, entry levels have lowered and the value metric that we’re now expecting on the back of our paid budgets is nothing more than data capture – or a name and an email.

What this means for marketers, is that more budget is available to plug into paid strategies, because smaller success can be achieved more frequently to feed inbound data into the top of the sales funnel.

This data, then, can be aggressively qualified out of the funnel to help build a really robust, automated journey that re-engages people based on their action today. The best part? The budget remains at the same level the entire time.

As Rory went on to say, there’d be no point in spending money to gather customer details just to let them sit untapped and unused. You need to make the most of your resources, and put people through targeted journeys that are going to turn prospects into a qualified lead.

Turning The Dials Up Isn’t Always The Right Solution

Building upon the statistic that 34% of marketers have left their job in the last year, creating a heavier workload for remaining employees in industry, Adam delved deeper into the reason why boosting the volume of outreach doesn’t drive the results people think it does.

The reality is, it’s about quality rather than quantity. If the two coincide, happy days, but if not, the number you’re working with doesn’t actually add any value to your business. Why? Because your sales representatives will waste precious time conducting discovery calls that come to a dead end.

There Are Two Aspects To Candidate Engagement

The first, is candidate attraction, which is all about placing content in front of people, and only paying for those who click.

But gone are the days of contact form CTAs with a follow-up sales call, now it’s about obtaining the minimum amount of data to follow up with ‘next best’ actions bespoke to each individual prospect, as Adam previously discussed, through automated channels.

The second, is about content. It’s about educating people in the right market, says Rory, and handing free, value-adding ideas that truly improve their business, and triggering them to engage before gradually pushing them through the sales funnel.

Hyper-Personalised Communication Is Key

It’s a message we’re always hammering home at Force24, but it’s true – aligning to personalisation by delivering the right message, to the right people, at the right time, is the best way to generate leads and logically progress them to the point of qualification.

As Rory explained, lead scoring – or placing a metaphorical number on the heads of every prospect – really is the holy grail to support this. By nurturing contacts with not only tailored messaging, but content that’s ultra-relevant based on their of-the-moment needs and interests, your sales team can hold conversations that are of higher quality and genuinely pique interest.

This way, you’re not burning through leads unnecessarily and ruining days, weeks, and months of hard work. In a final piece of food-for-thought, Adam suggested that we think of this process as patiently finishing a half-baked roll off in the oven.

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