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Common Email Mistakes To Avoid When Using Marketing Automation

1 July 2022
by Force24

You've done your research, had demos and selected your chosen marketing automation platform. The integration has happened, and now it's time for the fun part... to get using it! 

But what happens next? If you’re new to this type of technology, it might feel like there's a lot to take in. And even if you’re well-versed in automation, there’s always something else to learn. 

So, to prepare you for a smooth, lead generating and successful automation journey from the moment you plug in your chosen platform, here are some common email mistakes to avoid when making the most of your solution…

You’re Manually Inputting Data

If you're a few months down the line and are still scheduling email campaigns manually, that's a dangerously slippery slope. Not to mention a huge waste of internal resources and marketing budget.

In our industry, we're notoriously known for having little to no time available to roll out successful digital campaigns. And yes, you might feel that when there’s a new tool in place you haven’t got the time to figure out everything that it does

However, when you invest in your efforts to learn more about your marketing automation, the rewards you will receive are priceless. Remember, your email solution is there to make life easier for you. At Force24, we can save you 8 hours a week.

You’re Trying To Do Everything Yourself

Stop right there. You shouldn’t be left to fend for yourself when you’ve had a solution plugged into your existing infrastructure.

Make sure you tap into your email marketing automation provider’s support system – whether that’s online resources such as webinars and guides, or live web chat functionality. Don’t do this alone because it’ll hinder your email campaign's progress.

We get that you might forget a few things from your initial demonstration too, that’s why we offer training and support for life.

You’re Running Before You Can Walk

It’s exciting when you first plug in your marketing automation platform – we still get giddy about Force24’s capabilities to this day!

However, our advice is to transition slowly and start with the basics, so you avoid many common email mistakes that marketers can make.

For example, if you’re wanting to set up your first customer journey, most marketing automation platforms allow you to drag and drop branded email components in a simple journey builder interface, so begin here.

Above is a simple example of where a start audience (a pot of recipients) has been selected, then a start time, followed by an email to be sent. The only difference between this and a standard campaign is the fact you built it in the journey builder editor.

When you’ve done this once, hopefully any worries you might’ve had before, have been put to bed a little, and you’ll realise that it takes time to get the most value out of your automation solution. 

Your Campaigns Are Sporadic

Consistency is key when it comes to nurturing customers and prospects. With your marketing automation platform, you should have access to critical data, so you can segment groups and truly understand the frequency and type of digital comms they like to receive.

To avoid another common email mistake we’ve seen, as you begin to build confidence with your solution, try setting up and sending two emails in a single sequence, then three, and so on. Throughout each step you’re taking, you’ll be developing a better understanding as to what your automated solution can do, and what your recipients like to read, when, and how often.

Familiarising yourself with this user interface is a huge step forward in your email marketing development and, while a journey builder represents only 20% of any automation platform's capabilities, it often touches most aspects of the product. Therefore, it truly is a great place to start.

You’re Not Moving Your Data [H2]

People’s interests change on a daily basis, so your email marketing content must reflect that.

Your marketing automation platform should be capable of enabling you to transfer all your day-to-day data operations into the same interface. Shifting data segmentation into automation means you never need to manually manipulate data again. And don’t worry, this is much simpler than you think.

In our experience, most of our clients have a good understanding of their own data. So, in theory, moving this across is easy to do and can save you from falling into another common email marketing trap. When you do this, you really start to see the bike continuously moving forward – even when you stop peddling.

NB: Depending on how well you know Force24, we regularly host events and webinars covering marketing automation best practice, and also create plenty of guides to support marketers through their technology journey. Plus, we often see the marketers who proactively engage with our content get a more proactive response with their tool.

Above is a starting point into your automation journey and where you can ensure you don’t fall foul of common email mistakes. Our takeaway advice would be to test things and have a play around with what works for you, and what needs more focus.

Make sure you also tap into our ongoing training and support for life – available for all customers – and attend webinars and events, and never be afraid to ask for help.

For more tips and advice to get to understand your platform better, download our free guide: 5 Most Common Mistakes When Using Marketing Automation.

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