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6 Ways To Nurture Leads Using Marketing Automation

22 June 2022
by Force24

80% of marketers using marketing automation generate more leads, with some saying they experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, we’re here to tell you that these statistics – via SmallBizGenius – are nothing new to us.

That’s because we know exactly how important lead nurturing is to both the marketing and sales departments. And while many are engaging well, we can help you achieve even more with your Force24 platform… with very little additional effort.

With over 6,000 marketers from over 3,000 B2B and B2C brands plugging in our marketing automation platform, we want to make sure you’re getting the value out of it.

So, here are 6 ways to nurture leads using marketing automation

1. Tap Into User Journeys

It’s no good expecting every contact in your database to respond to all the emails you send, and it’s highly unlikely that they’ll follow each step of a nurture sequence from start to finish.

That’s because everyone is different. We’re all at various stages of the sales funnel. Therefore, what works in email 2 for some contacts won’t work for others who only engage at the end of the marketing campaign.

Some of your prospects may be completely new to your brand and need a little more education. And it’s important to remember that it takes approximately 6 emails before an individual interacts with what you have to say.

That’s where our Journey Builder comes in. It's an excellent way for marketers to design and deliver tailored, relevant content to specific segments. Taking the 6-step approach into account, here’s what a typical sequence might look like:

1.      Introduction – explaining why you’re getting in touch, and how your brand can help

2.      Social proof – evidencing who has bought into your organisation and why the prospect should care

3.      Gain – detailing what they receive if they engage with the message

4.      Fear – underlining that they’d be a fool to miss out

5.      Logic – covering why they should buy

6.      Urgency – ensuring they act now!

2. Add AB Test Messages And Include Incentives

When you’ve got your journey set up, it’s important to test, test and test again!

Try different versions of emails, landing pages, and forms so you can figure out what’s working for each prospect (and what’s not), maximise your response rates and increase overall conversion rate.

Our advice would be to only select one factor when you AB test your marketing campaigns. For example, you could tweak subject lines or alter text length to see how they do.

And where possible, incentivise your comms so your message is more enticing. Discounts, refer-a-friend offers and VIP access to high-level content are all great ways to improve your engagement rates, provide benefits-driven value and nurture prospects effectively.

3. Use Genius Blocks And Dynamic Content

As you’re AB testing, use our Genius Blocks feature to build powerful, dynamic, conversion-led emails and landing pages. These are completely tailored to a specific user based on the webpages they’ve visited or content they’ve engaged with. That way you know exactly what is relevant to each individual.

And the beauty of Genius Blocks is there’s no coding involved.

With dynamic content too (snippets of relevant copy that are only visible to specific segments), you can apply it to different marketing lists and delve deeper into what works well, and what doesn’t.

An example of what your dynamic content could look like is below. Access our personalisation webinar and we’ll  take you through how you can build an email that’s relevant to your contacts.

4. Always Personalise Your Message

Speaking of which, writing ‘Hello [firstname]’ doesn’t mean you’ve personalised your email.

Personalisation is about sending the right message to the right person, at the right time.

To send relevant comms, as a marketer you should dissect the data from your marketing automation and respond effectively. When you do, you’re more likely to design and deliver digital comms that are hyper-relevant to each individual because they’re based on their of-the-moment interests.

5. Use Different Channels Of Communication

Just because you’ve plugged in an email marketing platform, such as Force24, that isn’t the only way to engage your prospects.

And it’s not all we can do either.

There’s no question that emails are a great way to ‘open the door’ of communication, but there are additional – and complementary ways – to further interact with your prospects. For example:


Use these if you’ve got events to push and reminders to send to attendees.

· Guides And Whitepapers

Make high-level content free-to-download in the main, but if you have in-depth whitepapers for example, ensure they’re behind data capture forms so you’re gleaning more information from truly engaged individuals.

Here’s an example of an email template that’s heavily based on guide promotion (but which also offers more value-added content for recipients to engage with).

· Microsites

Imagine this as being a mini website and something that could drive traffic to find out more about a hero product or a specific marketing campaign you’re rolling out.

· Landing Pages

These are a great way to get more ‘bums on seats’ for webinars and physical events. Further engage prospects with incentives and remember to capture data – where relevant – too.

· Social Media

Continue that all-important interaction, keep your online presence fresh. Plus, Force24 customers can discover more about our SoAmpli product – a social media marketing tool that empowers employee advocacy.

· Direct Mail

We’d recommend sending to specific segments which you can determine through your martech data as a way to promote new products, services or events you’re hosting.

6. Reinforce Decisions With Testimonials

Finally, to round-up our nurture advice, did you know that around 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase?

We’d advise that, during the ‘social proof’ stage of your email sequence (see point 1), this is perfect for evidencing exactly why recipients should trust in what you have to say. 

Marketing automation makes this quick and simple to do too – so let your advocates do the talking for you.

As a Force24 customer, you have access to our training and support for life. Speak to your account manager for more information and discover how to make better use of your platform. Alternatively, review our Support Hub or ask a question via our web chat service – our 2-minute SLA means we’re with you every step of the way.


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