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How To Master Integrated Marketing With Marketing Automation

11 May 2022
by Adam Oldfield

No matter your niche, establishing a cohesive brand is crucial in attracting and maintaining customers – boosting recognisability, building trust, and providing a satisfying brand experience.

While visual impact contributes to a proportion of this, many marketers forget that brand runs far beyond a logo and colour palette. More importantly, it’s about how people perceive your identity and distinguish your offering from competitors.

That’s why integrated marketing is your holy grail.

So, What Exactly Is Integrated Marketing?

In understanding that customers are not confined to a single channel, integrated marketing ensures your campaigns live on each and every platform they frequent – and that they do so consistently to reinforce your brand, wherever it sits.

Although integrated marketing campaigns might not always share the same goal – for example, email marketing might be focused on content downloads, while landing pages might hope to drive conversions – they should all work as a unified system, carrying a resolute theme to reinforce and build upon the bigger picture.

Whether a customer is exploring digital marketing content on a mobile or desktop, LinkedIn or Twitter, the experience and message should be consistent. And if a customer enquires about a product or service via email, they should be comfortable in the knowledge that they’ll leave with the same takeaways as someone on a direct line to a brand representative.

What Are The Benefits of Integrated Marketing?

A well-executed integrated marketing strategy offers a whole host of advantages to supercharge your campaigns:

  • Using multiple sources to deliver the same campaign diversifies audience reach, keeps your brand at the forefront of the agenda, and reduces overhead by allowing you to repurpose content across different channels.

  • Helps to build trust with consumers by presenting a consistent narrative and uniform style.

  • Increased morale within teams by drawing a greater focus on collaboration, driving efficiency, and spearheading campaign success.

  • Improved performance overall – marketing leaders are 1.5X as likely to have an integrated marketing and technology solution in place to help them convey a consistent narrative across all of their channels.

Given the complexity of digital comms, it goes without saying that the benefits of integrated marketing won’t come to the fore overnight. However, with strategic planning and the leverage of marketing automation, it’s an investment that will see you smash your campaign objectives tenfold.

How Can Marketing Automation Bolster My Integrated Marketing Strategy?

Developing a powerful integrated marketing strategy is well within grasp with the right technology. Using a savvy automation tool isn’t just for the sake of efficiency, but also provides a more personalised experience for your customers from start to finish.

As well as empowering users to plan and automate integrated marketing campaigns in minutes – alleviating teams for more revenue-generating tasks – automation software combines technology and data to better engage prospects and supercharge ROI.

By coordinating digital comms and tracking user behaviour, marketers can identify, nurture, and convert leads with tailored, hyper-personalised messaging and tap into insights to align their marketing and sales content accordingly.

With multiple digital touchpoints, businesses are not only able to strengthen their brand recall and build better online relationships, but also track KPIs across various channels, engage a higher volume of customers and prospects, measure ROI, identify the most valuable leads, and then some.

Now that you know how to master integrated marketing with marketing automation, you may be left wondering, “what’s next?”

Whether you need expert help to formulate your digital strategy, or want to delve straight into automation and analytics, Force24 is here to help.

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