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Force24 helps Stonor Recruitment increase conversions by 50% with hyper-personalised email marketing

30 April 2022
by Force24

From The Great Resignation to the UK alone experiencing its highest vacancy rates in decades, there’s never been a more challenging – but also rewarding – time to be a recruitment marketer.

You’re in a powerful position to help organisations attract and retain the best talent and that’s why, when you communicate, you have to ensure your message is on-point.

Working with Stonor Recruitment – an independently run marketing and legal search agency covering the UK and Europe – here’s how hyper-personalised email marketing has already helped the team to increase conversions by 50%...

“We did have an automated system in place, but it was becoming clear that our current provider wasn’t meeting our evolving needs,” Emmaline Haywood, marketing manager at Stonor Recruitment commented.

“It was important that our tool had the capabilities to manage the day-to-day responsibilities in the background, and ultimately free us up to focus on strengthening key customer relationships and create clever marketing content.”

Ensuring that the organisation’s digital marketing comms remained consistent and that employees were having the right conversations, with the right people at the right times, Stonor Recruitment got in touch with Force24.

Wanting to better nurture recipients and improve its email campaign engagement rates, Emmaline was eager to see how intuitive automation could help the team to make its tailored content work much harder.

“During the first demonstration alone, we were impressed with how intuitive the platform was – and how easy the Journey Builder was to manage,” she added.

“You don’t have to be a ‘techy’ to use Force24. It’s built for marketers, by marketers – so is incredibly easy to use no matter your level of expertise or industry job title.”

Having plugged in the Force24 platform, Stonor Recruitment began delivering email marketing campaigns that were hyper-personalised, ultra-relevant and lead generating – all of which increased the organisation’s conversions by 50%.

Other notable results included:

·        A 33% uplift in open rates

·        Click through rates increases (71%)

Overall, the team is now speaking to customers on a much deeper level – which is further strengthening loyalty and building brand credibility.

Emmaline added: “With Force24, we have real-time insights that we didn’t have before. Most notably, our weekend conversion rate has gone through the roof because the data showed us that was when our recipients were most engaged. This learning alone has completely transformed our customer communications.”

Watch this space for the Stonor Recruitment case study – coming soon! In the meantime, discover more case studies spanning automotive, leisure, recruitment, and more over on our Success Stories hub. Keen to supercharge your marketing communications? Find out more about our award-winning Force24 platform by calling: 0845 272 5990 or emailing: info@force24.co.uk.


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