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What Is A Lead Nurturing System And How Will It Help My Campaigns?

24 March 2022
by Force24

When marketing and sales work together to convert, there’s a buzz like no other. However, what happens to the leads that are still in limbo, and how can brands nurture them to get them over the line?

When a task – especially in the workplace – doesn’t have a designated doer, it’s easy just to let it fly off the radar. But when 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales, organisations of any scope or size simply can’t afford to let this happen, if they’re aiming to steal a march on fierce competition.

Implementing a killer lead nurturing system into your campaign strategy means developing relationships and offering support and guidance to prospective customers – like educational breadcrumbs for them to follow to help accomplish their goals. The more you nail your tone and timing – amongst other things – the more conversions you will generate.

Team alignment, between marketing and sales forces, is crucial in spearheading growth in numbers. And with expert automation platforms on hand to support, savvy marketers have the opportunity to not only develop flexible, adaptive digital comms at scale – through a strategically curated lead nurturing system – but also maintain a steady flow of truly valuable leads that are managed throughout the entire sales process, from the very first interaction to the point of conversion.

Each lead nurturing system will be different – depending on your industry, niche, and target audience – but every strategy should be about inspiring real engagement and pushing your brand to the fore.

How Do Marketing And Sales Teams Work Together to Nurture Lead To Covert?

The thing is, while marketers across the globe are increasingly getting to grips with the 'how', focus from the 'why' is diverting. It’s all well and good knowing how to leverage a lead nurturing system throughout your campaign, but even more crucial is understanding the implications a watertight marketing strategy can have on your business.

From triggering emails to evaluating engagement, our recent blog delves into the fundamentals of amplifying your digital comms through B2B lead generation, and you can find seven killer tactics to bolster your strategy here.

And, in the meantime, here’s a whistle-stop rundown of how a lead nurturing system will help your campaign soar…

Generating More Sales-ready Leads

By creating content that aligns with each phase of the buyer’s journey, you can understand and meet them where they are mentally. This means you can curate comms that meet their of-the-moment needs and interests that make progression throughout each stage of the sales funnel natural and comfortable.

Good lead nurturing systems are about playing the sales long game, engaging customers in dialogue that continues over time – and indefinitely.

Making Consumers Feel Heard

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected through technology, the more pressures will arise for marketers to create a cohesive, cross-channel experience for buyers. But by using must-know metrics to get to know your prospects’ preferences and segment them accordingly, you can personalise your outreach to create harmonious and seamless webs of engagement without making recipients feel bombarded.

Building A Reputation

Through an effective lead nurturing system, organisations can bolster their presence by offering useful educational content that’s tailored to their customer’s specific needs. And, by hitting the nail on the head consistently, brands can demonstrate that they really understand their customer base and show permanent solutions to ease their concerns.

Boosting ROI

Lead nurturing systems offer brands better ROI with the benefit of generating more sales at lower costs, in comparison to traditional marketing techniques.

The data you gather across every part of your campaign is gold dust to bolster both your existing comms and future strategy – not only does it provide crucial direction to create hyper-personalised messaging, but it also creates significant efficiencies by showing you which leads are the most qualified to convert.

Better Decision-Making

Crucially, lead nurturing helps organisations focus their energy more effectively, sending legitimately ‘hot’ leads directly to the sales team and investing in ‘warm’ leads from a marketing perspective. This helps drive efficiencies in time, as well as cost.

For industry-leading advice on how to get started with your lead nurturing strategy, or for more information on the benefits that coincide, get in touch with us, today – call: 0845 272 5990, or email: info@force24.co.uk.

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