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The Power Of Hyper-personalisation For Retailers In 2022

15 March 2022
by Adam Oldfield

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A tailored, ultra-individualised experience when shopping online is no longer a preference of customers, but an expectation.

However, beyond the remits of using a ‘Hello [First Name]’ introduction to their emails, many brands across the globe are struggling to keep pace with what sending personalised messages truly means.

For us, it’s about sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Reflecting on the power of personalisation in email comms throughout the retail sector, our CEO, Adam Oldfield, recently had the pleasure of imparting some thought-provoking insight with A1 Retail.

“With over 300 billion emails sent and received globally in 2021 alone, the pressure for brands to cut through the vast online noise and get their email content noticed by their target audience in 2022 is becoming more intense than ever. Therefore, hyper-personalised comms should remain a high priority for retailers who want to keep building brand credibility and developing customer loyalty,” says Adam.

“To cut through the noise in today’s marketing landscape, it’s all about sending the right message to the right person, at the right time. For that to happen, retailers and their marketing teams must have access to critical data.”

So, how can retailers leverage customer data to bolster growth and success? Speaking on the significance of comprehensive marketing automation technology, Adam went on to explain: “By allowing users to unlock crucial insight, retail brands can then utilise this detail to their advantage and create a more personalised online experience with ultra-individualised emails, as a result".

Why Segmentation Is Important When Ecommerce Brands Hyper-personalise Their Emails

“Marketers can segment their audience into specific groups – based on each individual shopper’s of-the-moment interests – which should provide a more drilled down email list for retailers to work from and deliver hyper-personalised comms to highly engaged recipients.”

And there’s so much more to offer, said Adam: “With marketing automation, retailers can access ‘dynamic content’ functionality. This enables them to tailor an entire page to a specific user – providing a more humanised touch throughout the online shopping experience.”

Highlighting the ability to schedule and trigger email comms, he added: “Brands can also set emails to arrive in a consumer’s inbox at the exact time they know their recipient is most engaged, or to re-interact with customers who may have previously gone cold.”

But that’s not all. Savvy marketers should consider even the most granular of details if they really want to boost brand engagement.

“Rather than sending emails from a generic address – such as marketing@example.com – retailers should use custom fields to edit how a name appears in a shopper’s inbox to create consistency. Overall, the key to creating a more personalised online experience for retailers and their marketing departments always comes back to rich data they hold and can interpret,” Adam concludes.

The conversation doesn’t end here. If you want to discuss how marketing automation can help you hyper-personalise your email marketing, get in touch with one of our automation experts. Call: 0845 272 5990, or email: info@force24.co.uk.

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Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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