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Why 'Emily in Paris' Wouldn’t Cut It As A Real-Life Digital Marketer

8 February 2022
by Force24

If you weren’t already in and amongst the hype, hit series Emily in Paris made its on-screen return to Netflix recently and, love it or hate it, there’s a lot that digital marketers can unpick to supercharge strategies of their own throughout 2022 – not least by realising that some approaches just don’t cut it.

Following the career of burgeoning marketing executive and Chicagoan-gone-Parisian, Emily Cooper (Lily Collins), the show offers up an abundance of glamour and effortless success as she navigates seamlessly through one trial and tribulation after another, leading real-life marketers to swoon over her approach and reconsider their own tactics.

But don’t be hasty! While we’re busy daydreaming about strategy sessions beside the Arc de Triomph and romanticising over instantly viral campaigns, Emily in Paris should serve as a stark reminder that driving engagement to your brand and nurturing hyper-relevant leads is not all pop culture makes it out to be. In fact, it’s bloody hard work sometimes! Luckily, there are plenty of intuitive tools around to make things easier – including Force24’s expert marketing automation platform.

So, just in case you were still getting lost in the glossiness, here are five reasons why Emily in Paris wouldn’t last five minutes as a real-life digital marketer (from a real-life digital marketer)…

1. Approvals Processes Have Been Thrown Out Of The Window

When it comes to email marketing, deliverability is key to nurturing relationships with both customers and prospects – from creating content that’s hyper-relevant and ultra-personalised, to safeguarding your business’ reputation through the mitigation of basic errors like typos.

Of course, Emily in Paris is an incredible super-human that always hits the mark first time, so there’s no need to vet ideas, budgets, visuals or copy with brands for the go-ahead. In fact, spontaneity is a virtue in Emily’s world, as it means she can secure an exclusive collaboration with a globally renowned fashion designer without even a whisper of the words, ‘contract’, ‘terms’, or ‘approval’.

If she were a real-life digital marketer, Emily in Paris would be the luckiest strategist in the world if she got away with this time and time again.

2. Her Content Creation Is Seriously Lacklustre

To say she’s supposed to be a ‘social media whizz’, Emily’s game on the ‘gram is seriously lacking. Not only is she missing the mark with her hashtag strategy – who on Earth is following #roomwithaview? – she’s also skipping integral growth opportunities when it comes to the type of content she’s posting.

Video is having a major moment, yet aside from the horrifying champagne incident at Gerard’s château, short-form audiovisual content – from Instagram stories to Twitter snippets – is completely absent from her digital strategy. Though, somehow, she still manages to rack up thousands of followers… make it make sense!

The savviest of marketers out there know that web tracking plays a crucial role in any digital campaign, providing the opportunity to gauge the success of different content and adapt your strategy to suit real data and optimise brand performance – and that’s not just in terms of social media comms.

3. Teamwork Isn’t Her Strong Suit

Although Emily in Paris kickstarts her welcome to a new cohort with the phrase “there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team” – which is soon shut down by Sylvie, who points out that the French equivalent, équipe, in fact does – she doesn’t always practice what she preaches.

Consulting with the team when a problem arises or sharing her spur-of-the-moment comms ideas seems like a tough ask for our comrade, despite the blatant benefits of collaboration within the creative industries – including improving workflows and fuelling inspiration.

At the end of the day, we’re all working towards the same goal – securing business and supporting growth – so why not stick together? Effective teamwork between sales and marketing, for example, allows a seamless transition through the comms funnel – from brand awareness right through to conversion and sale. Not everything has to be a competition.

4. She Romanticises Ignorance

Emily in Paris’ ignorant disposition sees her throw lines like “the whole city looks like Ratatouille” around like they’re going out of fashion, as if not even remotely knowing the language her clients speak wasn’t distasteful enough.

Of course, none of it is real, and it’s just part of her character arc, but all marketers know that keeping customers and prospects happy is just a basic fundamental of retention and growth. Delivering consistent, hyper-targeted comms might be key to keeping relationships ‘warm,’ but speaking the same language as your recipients – both figuratively and literally – is crucial in pushing them towards conversion and engagement.

5. Campaign Objectives Mean Nothing To Her

While no one expects every campaign to be a roaring success, they should at least work towards an underlying objective – whether that’s boosting brand awareness or launching a new product or service.

But Emily in Paris’ titular character sees her fail to back up her expert abilities with concurrent evidence on more than one occasion – including boasting success over a significant tourism increase to the Virgin Islands due to her excellent SEO marketing on a vaccine… which was actually intended to increase vaccine uptake. While the result of the campaign might have been impressive, it served no purpose to the client as it didn’t meet their objective in any way, shape, or form.

Integrated campaigns are a powerful concept that can significantly enhance the success of your campaign – driving various levels of engagement and providing a consistent message – by utilising the same focal message across multiple comms channels. Savvy marketing professionals can then tap into the powerful data behind different platforms to understand how a campaign is evolving and at what rate.

Don’t get us wrong, Emily in Paris didn’t completely botch the depiction of the marketing profession, and there are plenty of things we admire her for – her passion and determination, her networking skills, and knowing her niche. But there’s no doubt that we won’t be adopting any major strategies à la Emily in Paris any time soon.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, we’re unanimously ‘Team Alfie’ here at Force24.

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