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The Marketing Automation Starter-pack For Recruiters – 4 Things You Need To Know

18 February 2022
by Adam Oldfield

Adam Oldfield is the CEO of Force24. He is facing the camera in a blue buttoned up shirt and smiling.

With the number of job vacancies at an all-time high towards the end of last year – around 1.2 million according to the Office of National Statistics – recruiters are having to work even harder to battle in the war for talent and attract the right candidates to apply for the right jobs.

As the impacts of Brexit, the pandemic, and ‘The Great Resignation’ rumble on, millions of employers on a global scale are discovering they need to interact with recipients in a number of ways if they’re to strengthen those all-important relationships.

For many recruiter brands and their marketing departments, they’ve used email marketing as a vital source of engagement. While some see it as a direct avenue to simply send and receive CVs and job specs – which is fine, of course – others are crafting digital comms to prioritise the need to build loyalty and, in turn, educate their audience about their organisation and the vacancies on offer.

Speaking to Alison Humphries, host of the ‘Recruitment Leadership Podcast’, our CEO Adam Oldfield discussed how savvy marketing can help to address the candidate shortage and offered 4 starting points for recruiters exploring the power of automation.

The Importance Of Creating A Value-Adding Proposition

Kicking-off the conversation, Alison asked Adam to summarise some of the most common mistakes that recruiters continue to make in their marketing touchpoints. He underlined how many don’t focus on developing their brand value, or perhaps don’t know how to, and therefore miss out on attracting top talent.

He commented that businesses must now make their content work smarter – it’s less about the ‘hard sell’ and more about providing information that a recipient wants to read.

This is where hyper-personalisation comes to the fore. However, it’s not a case of sending a blanket ‘Hello [first name]’ email to a wide dataset, instead it’s about sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

From a tactical point of view, Adam referenced how a Force24 client built a recruitment hub to drive visitors to this part of the website and enjoy an array of educative content. By putting effort into creating a single point for candidates to interact with, they were ‘rewarded’ with value-adding comms that not only built a far greater picture about that brand, but also more on the type of vacancies available.

The organisation could then tap into its marketing automation data and further analyse online behaviours. Here, the team was able to uncover granular detail about web pages visited, length of time each person spent on a particular section of the site, and what content they downloaded. This proved to be more powerful insight than if the organisation was to send out a ‘batch and blast’ email to everyone.

Understanding The Marketing Metrics That Matter

Adam commented on how recruiters – even when they’re part of a small business – can arm themselves with millions of pieces of insight. And the best way to measure and contextualise this detail? Lead scoring.

For a recruiter, this metric is simple in its approach but incredibly compelling. It works by placing a metaphorical figure against each individual interaction – for example ‘99’ for highly engaged recipients all the way down to ‘1’ for those who aren’t bothered. As a result, those with a larger number are priority candidates to engage with via a preferred touchpoint, such as a phone call.

Marketing automation is a recruiter’s best friend here. However, Adam did stress during the podcast episode that, even when recruiters plug in a comprehensive tool, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to do everything all at once.

“You’re not building Rome in a day,” he told Alison. “Automation is just the first step on the journey… If you run before you can walk, you’ll end up sending more spam, which could damage your brand rather than help it.”

His advice was to take the time to define objectives and work out how automation can help recruiters reach their goals.

Finally, if you’re starting out on your automation journey, Adam offered these 4 pointers:

  1. Ensure you have somewhere to put all your contact base’s information. Keep reviewing it too because the last thing you need is a ‘data graveyard’ full of addresses that are no longer in use.

  2. Arm yourself with good communications. Whether that’s via your automation platform or you have a content team in place who can build a strategy, create a hub of comms – from email to SMS, blogs to guides – so you can keep educating candidates and interacting with them.

  3. Focus on your email delivery. And always remember to personalise every single touchpoint so the recipient feels valued because you understand their of-the-moment wants and needs.

  4. Have access to a creative resource. Brief them to design a bank of email templates, landing pages and so on. This helps to bring your brand to life and goes back to the value-adding piece mentioned at the top of this article.

Thank you, Alison, for having Adam on the show, here’s his episode in full. Plus, as a special offer to listeners, if you sign up to Force24, you’ll receive your first two months for free as long as you reference the Recruitment Leadership Podcast. Find out more about our platform by calling: 0845 272 5990 or emailing: info@force24.co.uk.

Photo of Adam Oldfield
Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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