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How Web Tracking Helps Stoneacre Deliver Hyper-personalised Email Marketing

23 February 2022
by Force24

Inside Stoneacre's car showroom. Facing the camera is a white Suzuki car on the left and a black version on the right. The flooring is white and the ceiling is lit.

As a trusted automotive dealer turning over £1 billon per annum, Stoneacre recognises exactly what it takes to nurture customers and prospects so that no single car-buying experience is ever the same.

The team wanted to do more with the brand’s digital comms and drive online engagement even further. Having previously relied on sending one-way comms to its contact base, the organisation knew that marketing automation would support its ambition of segmenting audiences based on every individual’s of-the-moment interests, and therefore deliver more hyper-personalised emails.

Plus, there was a vital need to understand online behaviours so that content could be crafted according to a visitor’s interactions with the website. Speaking to Emma Fox, digital marketer for Stoneacre, here’s how she and the team nurtured leads proactively with web tracking functionality…

We’re part of a fast-paced, customer-centric industry and have been a trusted car dealer since 1994, so we know the importance of speaking to buyers on a one-to-one basis. This can’t always be done manually, so we identified the need for marketing automation.

We’d looked at some tech providers, but they didn’t quite hit the mark. However, with Force24 we knew it was something that ticked all our boxes.

After the integration, we were soon creating numerous journeys all tailored to specific groups and using dynamic content we could tweak quickly and send to individuals – on the same day in many instances.

For us, Force24’s web tracking functionality was a game-changer. Tapping into this feature, we’ve been able to better understand of-the-moment online behaviours of our website visitors and have been using this data to create more relevant content that will support and enhance the customer experience.

Aftermath Of The Covid-19 Pandemic – And How Stoneacre Utilised Marketing Automation

The automotive industry was one of the many sectors greatly impacted by Covid-19 and meant we had to look at other ways to engage shoppers when showrooms were forced to temporarily close. That was where our ultra-personalised digital comms came into its own.

When we could reopen our sites, our first ‘Jackpot’ event back – a VIP customer event where deals include buying a car for just £5 more than cost price, and paying nothing for five months – had fantastic success with the help of hyper-relevant automated email sends. We had over 400 customers book an appointment, and nearly 150 sales as a result.

Overall, the possibilities with this platform are mind-blowing. The real benefit has been our ability to nurture website leads via web tracking, meaning we’re not only speaking to customers and prospects on a more granular level, but we’re achieving a huge return on investment because we’re doing things swifter and smarter – at the click of a few buttons.

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