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How To Create Personalised Emails For Your Customers

17 February 2022
by Adam Oldfield

When the internet is becoming increasingly accessible and face-to-face interaction has long been restricted, email remains central to digital communication and continues to grow in uptake.

But with over 319 billion emails sent and received globally in 2021, the pressure to cut through the noise and get your comms noticed by the audience that matters is becoming more intense than ever. The solution? Hyper-relevant, tailor-made marketing collateral.

Of course, personalised emails are no silver-bullet solution, but overhauling your approach to email can make a significant contribution to boosting your open rates, click-throughs, revenue and conversions. The problem is, some marketers are stuck on the thought that the perfect – or only – way to personalise your email comms is by tweaking the name of each delivery to match the recipient’s. Spoiler: it’s not.

If you’re struggling to think of other ways to reach your customers and prospects through your email marketing campaigns, here are a few ideas from us…

Segment Your Audience

By considering demographic information and the specific interests and pain-points of your recipients, you can begin to divide your email list into smaller groups, take a step back from mass messaging, and send carefully targeted comms that truly pique the right interests.

There are a multitude of ways to segment your contacts – including asking for relevant information in a sign-up form or freebie offer, or implementing a subscriber preference centre – but your efforts should always aid the overarching goal of your business. Don’t request information for requesting information’s sake – relevance is key.

Use Dynamic Content

Segmenting your audience is one thing, but how do you utilise this strategy effectively? Dynamic content email personalisation.

With Force24’s Genius Blocks functionality, you can include contact-specific comms within the same email template – no coding or hard work required. Of course, tweaking recipient names still plays a crucial role in personalised email curation, but Genius Blocks allows you to tailor an entire page to a specific user or segment based on everything you know about them, giving a more human touch to your digital comms.

Personalise Your Sender Details

In today’s marketing landscape, lacklustre is no longer enough – customers are longing for a true experience.

Rather than sending emails from a generic address like marketing@example.com, you can use custom fields to edit how your name appears in a customer’s inbox, humanizing your comms and creating consistency throughout your journey dialogue.

Tap Into The Powers Of Automation

Using pre-defined criteria – from abandoned webpages and profile inactivity to post-purchase dialogue and content suggestions – you can automate expertly-timed emails to arrive in your contact’s inbox at the perfect moment.

As well as presenting the opportunity to re-engage and re-enthuse existing customers, behaviourally-triggered emails help you to understand the needs of your prospects in different stages of the sales path – so you can continue to drive hyper-personalised comms and meet their of-the-moment needs and interests.

Link To Personalised Landing Pages

When customers receive tailored comms, they expect consistency.

To formulate the most effective personalised email experience, you’ll want to link your campaign to personalised landing pages that continue the conversation and guide customers and prospects deeper into the journey, encouraging them to a desired action – whether that’s a sale, a sign-up, or anything in between.

Personalised emails play a crucial role in the world of marketing. Without them, customers become bombarded with generic, irrelevant and frankly irritating comms that take a lasting toll on your open rates, click-throughs, revenue and conversions.

Go beyond the mundane use of first-name personalisation, and you’ll give a whole new lease of life to your email campaigns in no time.

Want to know more about creating a killer personalised email strategy? Download our expert ‘Guide to Saving 8 Hours a Week’, for free.

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