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How to Build Perfectly Branded Email Campaigns

10 February 2022
by Force24

While today’s marketers rightfully place heavy emphasis and priority on social media, video campaigns and other emerging opportunities to reach their online customers and prospects, many are so distracted by contemporary comms that they fail to acknowledge the potential of one of the oldest, yet most effective, messaging channels – email.

In fact, email campaigns are pretty much untouchable compared to other channels when it comes to return on investment (ROI). According to Statista, they drive a whopping £35 for every £1 spend. But if you’re not optimising your email campaigns for conversion, you could be missing out on valuable clicks, sales and revenue to drive your business.

But don’t worry. With Force24’s intuitive email builder, the process has never been easier! You can craft beautiful, high-converting emails in under 8 minutes – yes, 8 minutes! – using drag and drop methodologies to transport elements from your pre-designed litmus-based branded asset library onto the email canvas, without a line of code in sight.

Completely flexible, our intuitive platform offers a whole host of functionalities to make your email curation as easy as possible – from the ability to save and edit your templates, to the option of uploading your own custom HTML, so you can post and publish your email campaign within literal seconds.

As a savvy marketer, this should be right up your street – not only does it eliminate the need to brief teams on creative design and wait for your front-end friends to send the HTML back to you, it also enables your teams to take back control and streamline their day to focus on more strategic decisions. Let’s delve a little deeper and see exactly how it works…

Creating Your Email Campaign

Your expertly-curated, automated email campaign is just 6 steps away with the support of Force24 – and did we mention it takes less than 8 minutes?

  • Start with a campaign idea: There’s no point in distributing mediocre comms just for the sake of getting something out there. If a message doesn’t hit the spot, you risk losing valuable custom and have to work a lot harder to get them back. Start by brainstorming ideas that are hyper-relevant to your audience and work towards a particular set of goals, such as informing your readers about a product or service or driving traffic to a certain page on your website. 

  • Select components from our pre-designed library of branded snippets: With our Code Snippets functionality, you can pull ideas from our ‘go-to’ templates – from the provision of next step information to thank you pages. Plus, you can even access your own custom library of branded assets to lift and shift, time and time again.

  • Drag and drop the components onto your workspace: The ability to simply drag and drop assets to your email canvas not only makes email curation so much faster, but it also means you don’t need to get stuck in with technical coding procedures involving HTML, CCS and rendering. What you see, is what you get!

  • Tweak your content using the simple text editor: Now that the design and structure of your content is set, it’s time to titivate the words to suit them to your email campaign. Remember – personalisation is key for contemporary consumers, so be sure to target different segments of your audience strategically to drive the most conversions.

  • Relax, while we take care of compliance: The pressure to cut through mobile, spam and deliverability issues is immense for today’s marketers. But there’s no need to worry – Force24 has you covered, so you can skip straight to the final step while we sort the tough bit!

  • Smash that send button: Voilà! Once you’ve completed steps one to five, you’re ready and raring to go – simply press send and wait for relevant and highly-targeted engagements to come flowing in, so you can nail your conversion rate!

Wrapping Up On Email Campaigns

Email marketing is an incredibly powerful driver of conversions, sales and revenue for your organisation, and has an unrivalled reach and ROI compared to other communication channels.

Choosing the right platform to build your email campaign can create significant efficiencies in a whole host of areas. And with Force24’s 6-step silver-bullet, you can master your comms in under 8 minutes!

But our support doesn’t stop there. If you’ve hit a brick wall or simply need to inject a new dose of creativity into your email campaign, you can contact our specialists, today. Call: 0845 272 5990 or email: info@force24.co.uk

Download our free ‘Guide to Saving 8 Hours a Week’ to see how building the perfect email campaign with Force24 can help you cut precious hours, saving time to execute the more value-adding elements of your role.


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