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What Are The Best Lead Nurturing Strategies And Why?

3 January 2022
by Adam Oldfield

In today’s sales cycle, the relationship between marketer and customer is crucial. And by nurturing leads with content that’s hyper-relevant, dynamic and increasingly nuanced, you can effectively maintain a strong network of relationships over time while building brand loyalty and trust.

But while lead nurturing continues to play an integral role in today’s world of marketing and its accompanying strategies become a higher priority for businesses of all shapes and sizes, it’s simultaneously becoming more challenging to master.

Despite the clear benefits, marketers around the globe are struggling to build the best lead nurturing strategies – with 84% of 2021 Lead Nurturing and Acceleration Survey respondents admitting that they found it a particularly challenging area of duty.

While engaging prospects and maintaining strong customer relationships remains a crucial element of business growth and campaigns, external factors – including a shorter digital attention span and an abundance of competition – mean that it’s growing harder to engage leads.

But with a slightly more modernised approach, there’s an immense opportunity for savvy marketers (like you) to implement killer tactics and get ahead of the curve. And with the help of Force24, you can build the best lead nurturing strategies and create highly customised, targeted comms that capture your contacts of-the-moment interests and keep them hungry for more.

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7 Killer Tactics To Consider When Building The Best Lead Nurturing Strategies

  • Start as you mean to go on: Build strong, engaging and ultra-relevant content from the very beginning and distribute it as part of seamlessly executed prospect and customer lifecycles. This way, your contacts will feel loved through every stage of the sales process.

  • Create buyer personas: You shouldn’t be expected to know every single detail about your prospects – and with buyer personas, you don’t have to. By using the information that you have on existing contacts, you can analyse similar engagement patterns to drive powerful strategies and start the lead nurturing process.

  • Hyper-personalisation is key: Customers today have no interest in generic, across-the-board comms. Instead, it’s all about personalisation – and the more unique, the better! Use intelligence gathering to access all the information you need to tailor campaigns one at a time – simultaneously – and use the information gleaned from your leads to improve your process each time.

  • Preserve relationships until they’re ready to convert: Roughly half of prospects don’t buy immediately – but that doesn’t mean they won’t buy at all. The best lead nurturing strategies should maintain a steady flow of communication, tailored to build brand awareness, trust and loyalty. With Force24, you can target prospects with a series of ultra-relevant content based on your contact’s of-the-moment interests, to gently push them towards conversion.

  • Control what your prospects see next: As important as getting your content seen is, prospect management is just as much about controlling what your contacts see and when. Force24 uses engagement intelligence to target those who have acted in response to your digital comms and trigger the next crucial stage of the conversion.

  • Engage prospects using multichannel communication: Omnipresence is everything. Whether you’re trying to capture the attention of already engaged customers, or strengthen your messaging to bring new prospects on board with a multichannel attack, Force24 optimises brand engagement with a versatile yet consistent approach. By moulding personalised cross-channel communications to pain points with automated direct mail, SMS and email communications, you can gradually nurture contacts to generate future business.

  • Tap into lead scoring: By scoring leads on their engagement levels, you can determine which contacts might need a little more TLC and which are ready to be pushed directly to the sales team for a follow-up – and Force24’s state-of-the-art system automates everything for you!

Key Takeaways

There’s no technique that works for all leads, and contacts can sometimes be unpredictable. But by implementing even a handful of these tactics, you’re on your way to building some of the best lead nurturing strategies around. It doesn’t have to be daunting, and there’s no time like the present – start testing the waters with them right away.

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