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Must-Have Features Of The Best Marketing Automation Tools

13 January 2022
by Force24

No matter the size or scale, the end goal of pretty much every marketer is to create brand messaging that customers truly advocate and stick around for.

But, regardless of the time and effort you fuel into your digital comms to try and keep up with the latest industry trends, many consumers will retain that burning desire to compare you with other prospective organisations and flip between whoever understands their wants and needs in that given moment.

Get Ahead of the Curve with Data-Driven Technology

With marketing automation tools, you can use insight to increase traffic to your website, nurture and track of-the-moment user behaviour, and trigger hyper-personalised comms across multiple platforms that work to convert leads into valuable prospects – saving you time, money, and precious internal resources.

However, not all marketing automation tools deliver on their promises – except Force24, of course! Whilst many marketers think an out-of-the-box solution might be the answer, does it provide everything you need to understand your audience?

Your marketing automation tool should be there to liberate your marketing, not hinder your progress. When you plug it in, it should enable you to do the job you’ve gone into the industry for – after all, you didn’t become a marketer for the boring bits or to be a glorified data inputter.

So, for those of you who need to know exactly what your marketing automation tool should provide, here are 5 must-have features…

Automate in minutes

At Force24, you can curate hyper-relevant emails in under 8 minutes. With our unique snippets technology, enabling clients to build and save regularly used components, you can simply drag and drop your branded assets into your design, saving time to focus on what you love the best – engaging customers.

Genius Blocks

Our intuitive functionality means you can build powerful, conversion-focused landing pages completely tailored to a specific user – and there’s no coding involved.

Lead scoring

By using automation to rank each lead, you can determine which recipients are prepared to make a purchase and identify those who might need further nurturing.

Expert training and support

With access to expert mentoring and support, you can feel empowered to get the maximum return on your investment. Force24 offers this for free, for life – including one-to-one training, live chat, and phone assistance.

Web activity tracking

Tracking enables you to segment users based on browsing engagement, so you can personalise email content based on the areas of the highest interest.

Want more tools?

So, does your current marketing automation tool provide these benefits? Or are you exploring automation for the first time? Either way, make sure you research into Force24’s feature-rich platform here.

Want to delve a little deeper in the meantime? Download our ‘Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation’ for free today.

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