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How To Create The Ultimate Lead Nurturing Plan

31 January 2022
by Diana Rowatt

The sales process can be tough, especially when it comes to prospecting.

Not only is it a process filled with rejection, customers-to-be are also busier than ever, making them constantly distracted and difficult to reach. What’s more, it has become increasingly laborious to try and build trust and authority in today’s marketing landscape – because consumers often merely consider your products and services as ‘commodities’.  

One of the most effective ways to tackle this dilemma is through inbound marketing – capturing the interest of prospects who are searching for answers online and engaging with content that aligns with their of-the-moment interests. This way, you naturally attract vital traffic that you can convert into loyal buyers and brand advocates, and tailor subsequent comms accordingly.

But a database full of quality leads won’t actually add much value to your marketing goals if you don’t nurture them. With Force24’s automated lead nurturing strategies , you can implement a seamless and steady flow of interest through the full scope of the sales funnel – from introduction right up to the point of conversion – making more efficient use of your time, creating customers for life and staying ahead of the curve.

What Is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is the process of establishing and reinforcing relationships with subscribers at each and every point of the funnel – whether that’s someone in the initial stages of exploring your brand or on the brink of conversion.

A truly successful lead nurturing programme places marketing and communication efforts on listening to the needs of prospects and creating hyper-personalised messages that match their of-the-moment interests perfectly.

So, Why Does Lead Nurturing Matter?

Customers no longer want to simply be sold to, they require their needs to be listened to and accounted for, and – more often than not – they take their time to research and evaluate options before committing a chunk of their wages into one specific company.

Lead nurturing increases the propensity to buy by building and maintaining strong relationships with customers over time while increasing brand loyalty and trust.

Build A Killer Lead Nurturing Plan With These Strategies

  • Create dynamic content: By making use of the information gleaned from your leads, you can improve your process by nurturing one lead at a time – simultaneously – on a personal level.

  • Build expert landing pages and microsites: You can smash your lead nurturing plan by creating compelling landing pages and information-rich microsites that will allow your lead to self-educate. If your prospects have all the information they need, getting them over the line to convert should be that bit easier. And the good news is, with Force24, we can help you devise these pieces of data-rich content… in under 8 minutes!

  • Unlock the powers of telemarketing: Ensure all information on a lead is documented – whether it’s their score, past engagement information, or any conversation with the sales team. With our telemarketing queue, any member of the team can follow up activity quickly and easily.

And that’s not all! Find a whole host of other strategies to hone the perfect lead nurturing plan in our recent blog – from hyper-personalisation and relationship preservation, to lead scoring and multichannel automation.

Perfecting your lead nurturing plan certainly takes patience – and an expert marketing automation agency like Force24 to support you every step of the way – but the results are boundless.

Not only does it create valuable time efficiencies and help marketers achieve the ultimate goal of increasing the volume and quality of leads, it also significantly strengthens the alignment of the sales and marketing team and empowers the business’ prospecting efforts, so they can continue to thrive. Plus, with us, you’ll have access to free training and support… for life!

Discover more about creating the ultimate lead nurturing plan and how Force24’s platform can help you free up precious time by downloading our ‘Guide to Saving 8 Hours a Week’, today.

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