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Adopting Digital Marketing Automation To Grow Your Audience

27 January 2022
by James Skellington

It’s no secret that automated technology is taking over just about every aspect of the digital landscape – whether it’s to support generic business processes through real-time data provision, or simply to aid security and service requests.

And although the pace at which this tech is advancing might seem daunting, digital marketing automation is actually something we should be wholeheartedly embracing.

As today’s digital marketers are faced with increased pressure to juggle content creation with multiple social media accounts, constant email campaigns, mobile marketing comms and an endless list of customers and prospects to track and analyse – just to name a handful – it can sometimes be difficult to keep their head above the water.

But with digital marketing automation, professionals have the power to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance their customer’s experience. By meeting your customers’ of-the-moment demands and getting ahead of the curve, you can boost your brand and grow your audience significantly – and with the right advice and the help of a savvy expert tool or two, it’s so much easier than you might think!

What Is Digital Marketing Automation?

At a glance, digital marketing automation refers to software and tech designed for marketing professionals to drive digital comms across multiple channels more effectively – such as email and social media – and to automate repetitive tasks.

Arguably, one of the most difficult parts of this process is ensuring customers and prospects feel truly cared for, while still making the most out of the tech. People are no longer interested in generic sales messages, they want their needs to actually be considered – and with so much competition on the market, there’s no choice but to curate hyper-relevant comms that captivate the right people at the best moment.

So, it’s vital that marketers consider customers at the centre of every strategy and your digital marketing automation software.

How To Seamlessly Slot Digital Marketing Automation Into Your Strategy

At Force24, you've access to:

  • Email Design Studio (Genius Blocks, code snippets, nurture sequences)

  • Landing page and microsite builder (Genius Blocks, lead scoring)

  • Multichannel automation

  • Web behaviour and IP tracking (segmentation)

  • SMS Marketing

  • SoAmpli Scheduler

  • And more!

There’s certainly a lot to gain with digital marketing automation, from improved efficiency and cost savings, to more insightful analytic data and enhanced customer support – all of which will play a crucial role in streamlining your strategy, building a trustworthy brand, and growing your audience.

And with the support of Force24’s state-of-the-art automation tool and expert training, any company – no matter the size or scale – can seamlessly implement and make a huge success of digital marketing automation.

Download our free ‘Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation’ to discover more about how adopting digital marketing automation can help grow your audience.

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