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What is Marketing Automation? Everything You Need to Know

4 November 2021
by Adam Oldfield

If you’re interested in saving hours each week, prioritising customer relationships and sending hyper-personalised emails to the right recipients, at the right time, then marketing automation can be your best friend.

That’s because marketing automation is all about utilising software to streamline your marketing activities.

Millions of marketers on a global scale tap into its powers because they know they can swiftly – and easily – programme their automated tool so that it manages the mundane tasks automatically (think updating contacts base as an example here).

And when that happens, they can get on with the things that really matter – engaging with the audience on a more granular level.

The killer thing to note is that marketing automation not only saves you oodles of time – with us, we’ll guarantee you’ll get 8 hours a week back – but it enables you to send hyper-targeted emails to individuals to maintain highly-engaged communication and drive brand loyalty.

So, what are some of the things you need to know about marketing automation that you might not already? Here’s where we’ve got you covered…

The Art of Segmentation

There’s no question that getting your emails seen – when billions are sent every day – is tricky to say the least. Plus, if your email server knows your digital comms are falling flat and not being looked at, you’ll soon find your carefully-crafted emails heading straight for the spam folder without a second thought for how long they took you to create.

With marketing automation, you can auto-segment data, so you’re only speaking to recipients who are interacting with your messages. And when you dissect your data, you’ll soon discover the consumers who have shown some interest, but might not interact with everything you send. Armed with this information, you can adjust your cadence to reflect how frequently you should be speaking to these contacts.

Not only that, automation can clean your data so that you’re not wasting time trying to communicate with people who couldn’t care less about your brand!

The Power of Personalisation

When you’ve nailed down exactly who you want to speak to, the worst thing you can do next is to simply send them a ‘hello [first name]’ email and think that you’ve added that personalised touch – it’s so much more than that.

Forget any previous ‘batch and blast’ tactics you may have had to do in a bid to hit thousands more contacts too – personalisation is all about understanding your audience and knowing when to deliver messages to the right person, at the right time.

That’s because your marketing automation technology is able to drill down into the critical detail, so you can unlock and understand this information to send hyper-relevant, authentic email journeys that not only nurture your recipients, but keep them engaged all the way towards a conversion too.

The Online Journey

Email marketing is only the first step when communicating with an individual – it’s effectively a way for your brand to get a foot in the door. The next bit is the challenge!

As a savvy marketer, you’ll no doubt want to truly understand your consumers’ of-the-moment online interests. But how can you do that when their wants and needs are forever evolving?

Enter marketing automation. The data you can glean from your platform is critical here.

That’s because, not only should you understand your email engagement, but use your automated technology right, and you can further analyse web interactions – for example, which pages are your visitors viewing? And for how long? Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor content accordingly and deliver real-time comms that match what your recipients are showing interest in at that exact moment.

Make sure you check out our insight on the powers of lead scoring – another intuitive feature that you can access via our automated tool and further understand each individual’s engagement level with your brand.

The Time-Saver

We’re part of an industry that simply doesn’t have enough minutes in the day. So, why not let some intuitive marketing automation technology do the leg work for you and claw back some vital time?

You shouldn’t be crafting every single email from scratch nor manually searching your contact base and updating it manually, as well as trying to figure out the frequency of your sends.

Instead, use your automation tool to help you build journeys in advance, tweak killer templates in seconds and automatically move people through various segments so that you’re always delivering relevant content based on their interactions.

We can help you create email sequences in the time it takes to make your next cuppa. And when it comes to landing pages? Give us 10 minutes, and you’ll have a framework to replicate and tweak to keep your copy fresh, as well as reclaim vital hours in your working week.

Force24 is the UK’s fastest growing marketing automation platform. If you’d like to understand the array of benefits to take your marketing campaigns to the next level – from helping you to create hyper-personalised content to engaging with segmented audiences – book a demo with us today.

Discover more advantages in the meantime too. Download ‘The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation’ now.

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