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How to Build the Perfect Landing Pages with Automation

18 November 2021
by Force24

Landing pages are one of the sharpest devices in your digital marketing toolbox.

Couple them with a savvy marketing automation platform, and you’ve got yourself a killer strategy with an even bigger impact on your lead generation and nurturing efforts.

But what is landing page automation?

Optimised for conversions through opt-in forms and gated content already, the addition of automation to a landing page allows information to be automatically sent through to your sales team, email automation platform, or both. It might sound simple, but it sure is effective!

Not only does it reduce time spent on manual tasks – such as data entry and workflow organisation – it also helps to nurture relationships through the ability to hyper-personalise content and, in turn, encourage visitors to become actual customers of your brand.

So, How Do I Get Started On Building My Next Landing Page?

You should begin by creating the initial landing page for your content. And whether you’re a technical whizz, or a complete amateur, Force24s savvy builder and Genius Blocks function makes this part of the process a breeze.

Of course, time is always of the essence, and every moment counts – so it’s great practice to build simple landing page templates that can easily be swapped out to portray a new message if your business is working on a fresh goal.

And by adopting such a consistent approach to your digital comms, it’s easier to assess the credibility of your evolution, content and marketing messaging – since your landing page is almost identical each time.

Then, once your landing page has launched, it’s time to integrate your marketing automation platform!

Best Practices For Landing Page Automation

Automation certainly makes a huge difference to your landing page – but it’s crucial that you take the time to do it right, if you want to increase your conversions. That means focusing on creating pages that are high-quality, and hyper-relevant.

There are a whole host of ways to keep your landing page automation strategy on the right track, but here are some of our most important tips…

  • Prioritise Relevance: When creating your landing pages, it’s important that you utilise any data you already have and create solutions that are ultra-personalised, rather than just trying to push a random product or service.
  • Branding Is Key: The sole purpose of a landing page is lead generation – so it’s important to try and increase trust and relevance throughout your comms. By extending a consistent look and feel to your content, you can begin to do just that.

  • Optimise For Search: Sure, there’ll be plenty of other ways to drive visitors to your landing page – but you should also optimise your comms through keywords and images for your campaigns and organic search, as well as location-based tags, to create relevance.

  • Add A Clear Call-To-Action: Your CTA is the most important aspect of your landing page – make it clear, concise and noticeable!

  • Only Ask For What You Need: You want to gather as much data as possible, without risking immediate fall out. Gather as little information as you can to create a low barrier for entry, then work on further detail from your lead at a later stage.

  • Segment Your Landing Pages: This improves lead quality – as it allows you to optimise messages for different sources of traffic and audience types, ensuring visitors receive exactly what they were looking for in the first place.

  • Pay Attention To The Analytics: Yes, automation saves time – but it also offers so much more than that. With automation, you can use data analysis to track and improve the efficacy of your landing pages, score and segment leads, nurture customers for conversion, and refine your targeting. Be sure to make the most of it!

  • Test Your Landing Page: All that’s left now is to test! There’s nothing worse than putting time and resources into something, only for it to turn out pants because of last minute laziness. And don’t forget to check that your automation tool is working correctly, too!

Don’t Stop There!

Landing page automation combines two of the industry’s most valuable tools to take your marketing processes to the next level.

Automating a landing page itself is simple, but what’s key is that you don’t just stop there! Take advantage of the launch momentum, utilise the leads that have been generated, and keep the conversation going with follow-up comms from the very beginning. Customers love a nice gesture – even a simple ‘welcome’ will cut it. And why not start as you mean to go on?

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