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4 Things to Consider for Great Email Deliverability

25 November 2021
by Force24

The days of buying cheap data and blasting out poorly constructed, ill-considered, one-size-fits-all email comms to millions of prospects at once – the majority of which don’t know who you are, nor do they care – are gone.

As a savvy marketer, you’ll be familiar with how the digital landscape has evolved, and that includes email marketing and the importance of email delivery.

Previously, you’d be responsible for processing all inbound email, and using an exchange server (likely Microsoft or Google) and a spam protection application to watch everything arrive – all of which would be hosted internally on something that wasn’t fit-for-purpose.

Fast forward to today and we can hit ‘send’ on an email to 10,000 people and hyper-personalise every last piece of content. Powerful, right?

So, with the background swiftly covered, let’s delve straight into what 4 things make for great email deliverability…

1. Utilising the Powers of Marketing Automation

We know automation not only makes your marketing life easier, but it can transform email deliverability and sophisticate your digital comms.

That’s because you’re understanding your customers on a more granular level, and can ensure your messages are ultra-relevant for each segment.

Automation also manages manually-intensive tasks in seconds that would typically take you hours to complete. From providing open rates analysis and dipping engagement, to tracking bot traffic and supercharging your CRM system and sales team to increase ROI – all of which empowers your email deliverability success.

2. Clean Your Data

You’re sat on millions of pieces of insight, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to hear from you. Also, a large, irrelevant volume email sent to old data is the riskiest thing you can do in marketing and your email deliverability will subsequently take a hit.

Harvest your ‘bounce’ information and ensure your automation tool automatically updates your CRM as a result, then you’ll be able to handle records as they become inactive – avoid damaging spam traps.

3. Build a Good Reputation

Your email server wants to determine your standing, so if you can overcome content filtering checks, you’re more likely to build credibility.

However, we believe your reputation score begins to diminish after just one week. So, here’s a ‘quick-win’ to transform your email deliverability – remove anyone who hasn’t opened your email in the last three months, and you’ll soon drive up your open rates.

There are many ways to become reputable in the eyes of your mail server. But always remember to analyse your lead scoring metrics, customers’ of-the-moment engagement and more, to drive authority.

4. Use Advanced Personalisation to Target Each Individual with Relevant Content

An effective place to start improving your email deliverability score is through engagement segmentation. Split your audience up into who has interacted with you, and who hasn’t, then you can decide on frequency and tailor content based on a recipient’s current wants and needs.

Don’t forget about cadence and spamming either. The former concerns the order and timing of emails sent which reflect engagement levels and where they are in the buying funnel. The latter describes sending unsolicited emails.

When you understand these two terms, utilise marketing automation to dissect the detail to support in how you ultra-individualise comms, and see your email deliverability results soar as you provide hyper-relevant content that your audience wants to read.

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