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What is an Open Rate in Email Marketing & Are they Important?

25 October 2021
by Force24

Every email you send is scored for engagement by intuitive technology managed by some of the biggest brands in the world such as Google and Microsoft. So, it’s important you make your digital comms count.

We all know how getting emails seen in people’s inboxes is tricky when there’s so much online noise out there and, as a marketer, you’ll be all-to-familiar with the pressure to ensure your message lands correctly and timely.

The way to understand how well your content is being received is by measuring the marketing metrics that matter. For many industry professionals, that’s revolved around analysing email open rates.

In its simplest form, an email open rate is the percentage of recipients who open a specific email out of your total number of subscribers. There are different sources out there telling you what number you should be hitting (typically 15-25%) to determine whether your latest piece of digital comms has been a success or not.

How to Move Away from Email Open Rates in ‘Vanity Metrics’

For years, email open rates and click through rates have been a traditional way for marketers to measure activity. The truth is, we call them ‘vanity metrics’ because yes, they do tell some of the story, but they don’t quite give you the whole picture as they can prove to be a little superficial in isolation.

Modern-day marketing has moved on from relying solely on your email open rates. The reason for this is that many brands were finding they’d have a high open rate percentage, however, weren’t getting the level of engagement they expected. This could be for a number of reasons, for example a recipient might’ve accidentally clicked on the content and not read past the first line before discarding it.

When this happens, you’re not understanding your audience interaction, even though your evaluation stats are telling a different story. What that results in are skewed stats that could see you targeting the completely wrong audience altogether and receiving a bunch of unsubscribers in response.

Why Lead Scoring is Vital for your Marketing Toolkit

Yes, an email open rate does provide a figure that can help you to tailor your content, but we’d recommend that you look into more sophisticated metrics, so you can understand how engaged your readers are – and hyper-personalise your future marketing campaigns.

A great way to do this is by lead scoring. If you’ve not ventured down this route before, make it your ultimate takeaway from this blog.

As a metric, we love lead scoring because it drills down into exactly who you should be speaking to, tells you when you must plug in your sales team – for a more ‘human’ touchpoint – and ensures you’re ramping up engagement with recipients who are keen to hear more, rather than individuals who have tuned out of your marketing messages.

You might be thinking this is a tough task because you rely on email open rates. However, when you plug in marketing automation, this solution can be so intuitive that it’s able to do all the heavy lifting for you. And make sure you revisit some of our earlier content to enhance your marketing toolkit and enjoy the benefits that lead scoring can bring.

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