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The Email Marketing Masterclass Series – Our Key Takeaways

19 October 2021
by Force24

Hundreds of marketers have joined us for our 2021 VIP Email Marketing Masterclasses that we’ve hosted throughout several cities – in just five months.

Travelling to Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, and soon-to-be Liverpool (get December 3rd in your diaries!), our CEO and founder Adam Oldfield has been delivering exclusive and educational sessions to help B2B and B2C marketing professionals take their campaigns to the next level.

Sharing some of the industry’s – and Force24’s – best-kept secrets, Adam has covered topics on deliverability, email creative, segmenting contacts, subject lines, cadence versus spamming and more, providing each audience with the tools to:

  • Understand the relationship that email marketing plays in your direct comms strategy
  • Know the key principles of marketing automation
  • Approach segmentation effectively
  • Refine creative assets
  • Nail email deliverability
  • Report on performance – smartly

During each interactive session, Adam has also been guiding marketers in how to ‘think differently’ with their email marketing campaigns – covering the importance of empathy and how you can truly engage with contacts on a deeper level, strengthening those all-important relationships.

How we’d recommend you begin doing this is by firstly asking yourself the question: ‘Would I engage with this campaign?’ And be honest! If you wouldn’t, why would you expect your recipient to?

When you understand what makes your audience tick and you’re in a mindset of never standing for second best, you’re ultimately in a much stronger position to deliver great email marketing content that sticks with an individual, not to mention cuts through the online noise that 300 billion branded emails are making on a global scale.

And when you come to making a start on your next email marketing campaign, don’t forget the ‘Rule of Six’ (the email version, we mean!)

We hope you’ve enjoyed everything you’ve learnt throughout these intimate sessions and that you’re tapping into the email marketing best-practice advice, methods, and the nurture sequence framework we live by here at Force24.

Thank you for joining us for the 2021 Email Marketing Masterclass events. Don’t worry if you couldn’t attend this time either, watch this space for a 2022 series coming soon!

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