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How to Use Audience Data to Maximise Your Email Marketing Engagement

14 October 2021
by Adam Oldfield

Today, customers and prospects expect a lot from brands when it comes to the digital comms they receive. And, as a savvy marketer, you must positively respond to that… before your competitor does.

Sending out irrelevant, ‘batch and blast’ email might get you a few interactions from your latest marketing campaign, but more often than not your hard work will head straight for the junk folder or recycle bin. This will do nothing for your email marketing engagement levels.  And when you look back at your carefully crafted content, you’ll soon realise you should’ve done things differently earlier on to maximise your message.

That’s because your recipients want you to speak to them directly about their of-the-moment needs when it comes to achieving true email marketing engagement. They want to feel like they’re the only person in the room and that you know what they’re going through there and then. And that means you’re sending content that’s going to answer a specific pain-point and make their life better.

They’re investing time in you by opening your marketing email, so the least you can do is understand what they need. If you don’t, even the most relevant message can fall flat if you don’t provide the answer to why that specific individual must stop everything and read your content.

Marketing Automation is Key to Email Marketing Engagement Increases

Intuitive automation plays a huge role in the success of your email marketing engagement. It can not only help you to truly hone your campaign message – by segmenting data and ensure you’re talking to multiple groups with different messages, at different times – but it also saves you hours in your working week so you can prioritise customer relationships, ROI, and creativity.

That’s where hyper-personalisation comes into its own. Perfect this and it can be the difference between your contact wanting to find out more or disengaging with your brand altogether.

However, when we talk about tailored messaging, we’re not simply saying you should type ‘Hi [first name] on every single email, it’s about being focused and crafting the right message, delivering it at the right time, and to exactly the right person. Think trigger points and calculated customer content.

When you set up ultra-personalised, automated journeys for your segments, you’re in a powerful position when it comes to driving email marketing engagement. Just check out our Genius Blocks functionality and you’ll soon see how you can individualise your digital comms – with the click of a button.

Understand Your Marketing Data and Provide a Better User Experience

Email marketing engagement comes in many forms. We’ve previously spoken about how to perfect your nurture sequences, define your audience, and take recipients through a six-stage process of introducing your brand/product or service all the way through to the ‘act now’ urgency message.

But if you want to continue driving your email marketing engagement, don’t rely solely on a single campaign. Think about how you can add value and respond to an individual’s of-the-moment interests – for example, would landing pages and microsites heighten interaction and capture relevant data to help you tailor subsequent marketing messages?

To put this into context, if someone is spending time on your website and on a specific page that’s about sportswear for the winter, you could deliver content – such as an advice-led blog – which reviews the best pieces of kit available in your online store to protect and keep you warm. There might be discounts available too – it’s all about continuing your interaction and giving the reader something that enhances their life, and therefore builds trust in your brand.

Utilise audience data to your advantage and react positively with digital comms your recipient wants to receive rather than what you think they’re interested in. With Force24’s marketing automation platform, our range of sophisticated features will help you to make the most of your insight and tailor messages – meaning you’ll always stay one step ahead of your competitors.

If you care about maximising your email marketing engagement, make sure you download our free ‘Email Marketing Playbook’ today.

And don’t just let us do the talking, ask all your marketing automation questions in a no obligation demo of Force24. Call: 0845 272 5990 or email: info@force24.co.uk

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Adam Oldfield
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