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Why Marketing Automation Needs to be in Your Marketing Strategy

23 September 2021
by Diana Rowatt

As a marketer, you’ll know the importance of multichannel marketing – so what if we told you that marketing automation can harmonise your customer journeys and allow for seamless communications with a variety of segments?

Whatever goals you have set for your business, marketing automation needs to be in your marketing strategy, whether it’s to bring in new customers, convert your current audience – via specific, hyper-personalised campaigns – upselling or simply raise awareness of your product offering, and everything in between.

To give you some further context and bring it to life, we’ve outlined a few examples of how marketing automation can help you to create tailored messages and impact your marketing strategy and ROI positively, no matter what industry you’re working in…

Services Marketing

One of the key challenges is encouraging your customers through high involvement or long-term investment decisions. Think recruitment services or those in the education sector, to name just a few examples. Maintaining customer relationships through varying journey lengths can be hard to keep track of – that’s where marketing automation comes in.

Creating an open dialogue with recipients is an important step in supporting them through both the marketing funnel and your intended nurture sequence. As a result, automation tools follow your audience in real-time and sends hyper-relevant messages that interact with your organisation.

This is something that a human just can’t do to the same standard. Services often rely on both digital and face-to-face touchpoints, so sending ultra-personalised messaging based on your customers’ most recent interactions with your brand can be powerful when driving engagement.

Product Marketing

Your goals might be to drive more traffic to your website in the hope of increasing sales. Marketing automation is the ideal tool here to add in some really tailored email comms based on customers’ particular interactions with your brand.

Think email marketing that targets those who have clicked on a specific link or followed a particular call-to-action – it’s this type of in-the-moment content that can be the difference between someone engaging with you or staying cold.

Overall Benefits of Marketing Automation

Customers have become increasingly aware and frustrated that they’re constantly being marketed to, which makes it harder to cut through the noise and create impactful campaigns that are seen by your audience. And with that, recipients are becoming more demanding and less tolerant of irrelevant and ‘nuisance’ messaging, which means it’s time to bring marketing automation into your marketing strategy.

With automation platforms like Force24, you can truly hone content by segmenting your data pool and talking to multiple groups of users with tailored messages – all at different times that match your customers’ of-the-moment interests.

You’ll also have access to lead scoring, and the ability to send different volumes of communications depending on your audience’s engagement level. This is game-changing, as it means you can send more hyper-personalised and targeted emails to your brand advocates and high-quality leads to maintain strong customer relationships. And that means sending less to those who don’t appear as interested, to make sure you’re still creating awareness… but make sure it’s not to the extent that might have a negative impact.

To put it simply, marketing automation helps save you time (8 hours a week with Force24!) so that you can ‘think big’ and create more tailored interactions between you and your customers. Even the most relevant messages in the world can fall on deaf ears if the timing isn’t right, or worse yet, goes to the wrong audience.

So, taking out the human involvement in place of marketing automation leaves less room for error, whether you’re a small local business or large organisation with an audience spanning the globe.

And finally, a note on automation ‘taking our jobs’… this couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything, this intuitive tool should liberate your marketing and give you the space and capacity to focus on strategic decision-making, and creating high-quality content to support your multichannel campaigns.

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