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Automated Email Delivery – What is it and How Does it Work?

16 September 2021
by Adam Oldfield

Email marketing is nothing new, in fact, it’s been around for a quarter of a century, is continuing to grow and shows no signs of slowing down.

A powerful communication tool, email marketing is a great way of talking to a customer base, sharing promotions, brand messages and nurturing customer relationships to drive engagement. However, it’s no longer enough for organisations to simply ‘send to all’, as customers today expect hyper-personalised content, tailored to each individual’s of-the-moment interests.

Plus, we know that marketing teams today wear multiple hats within their day-to-day activities – from storyteller to creative designer, business analyst and even a mind-reader at times! With marketing automation and automated email delivery, you can save hours of time within the working week whilst still generating positive ROI for your organisation and make the most of this sophisticated communications tool to convert and nurture your customer base. It’s a no-brainer.

What is Automated Email Delivery?

Imagine being able to send relevant and personalised email campaigns, that encourage recipients through your customer journey. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? That’s where marketing automation with automated email delivery truly comes into its own…

With the right platform and data capture tools, emails can be sent automatically without any human involvement. Not only that, but a good email sequence can be triggered by customer actions or other parameters – even down to something as simple as time of year – to ensure they are ultra-individualised for maximum impact.

So, let’s put this into context. Picture this… you have seasonal offers to share or want to target only the recipients that have clicked a previous call to action to offer them a more personalised service or additional information – such as a guide to download or a webinar to attend – this is all possible when you understand automated email delivery, and it’s all at the click of a few buttons.  

How Does Automated Email Delivery Work?

Data. The more you know about your customer, the more you can tailor the content. It’s important to know who your customers are and be able to structure your email messaging into a sequence that is impactful and relevant to your segments.

When it comes to email marketing in particular, there’s a sweet spot that helps drive engagement – it’s all about crafting the right message, delivered at precisely the right time and to exactly the right person. As we all know, it’s about creating content that resonates and responds to their of-the-moment interests.

Every savvy marketer knows that relevant digital comms improve the recipient journey and increases the chances of conversion. Not only that, spam filters are interested in email engagement too, so creating impactful content that customers want to interact with is key when avoiding the spam folder too.

The Automated Email Delivery Journey

Once you define your audience, this helps to lay the foundations for your tailored email sequence to take place. The next step is then to set your campaign goals and objectives, with some benchmark key performance indicators (KPIs), to track and analyse its success.

Next, comes audience segmentation – categorising your recipients so that you can talk to them in small collective groups. Finally, it’s time for the most important step… creating great content!

Automated email delivery allows marketers to focus their efforts on strategy and impact, whilst still maintaining strong, seamless communications with customers and contacts. We’d recommend that you use your time to plan out the perfect customer journeys and audience touchpoints, allowing the automation software to guide your recipients through sequences that are tailored and relevant.

If this sounds like something you want to excel in to ramp up your email marketing efforts, download our free ‘Email Marketing Playbook’ guide today!

Learn how to supercharge your automated email delivery too by calling our automation specialists on: 0845 272 5990 or emailing: info@force24.co.uk

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Adam Oldfield
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