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How has Artificial Intelligence Reshaped Email Marketing for 2021?

24 August 2021
by Force24

We’ve all heard that ‘robots are taking our jobs’ – it’s something that’s been said for years. However, it’s time we changed that way of thinking. Now, let’s see technology as an enabler when it comes to liberating us as marketers, especially using artificial intelligence for email marketing.

Think about it, there will still be many marketing departments using manually intensive spreadsheets that take up so much time and means they’re not being creative or engaging with customers. Plus, it’s impossible to think they’ll be able to keep recipients’ ever-evolving wants and needs up to date when they’re inputting every single piece of data without a machine’s help.

When you’re already strapped for time and your budget is restrictive, it’s important that marketers are given the room to ideate and inspire campaigns that truly hit the mark with your audience. The truth is, if you’re utilising the power of technology in the right way, this can be achieved.

However, are we placing too much emphasis on artificial intelligence for email marketing success? And what role should we be playing as marketers if we want to work collaboratively with our automated enablers?

Why Marketers Turn to Artificial Intelligence for Email Marketing to Deliver Great Email Content

There has long been a debate about whether artificial intelligence for email marketing is working for, or against us – particularly in marketing – and it’s likely to not go away anytime soon.

Ever since Microsoft introduced Office 365 – a cloud solution that embraced spam processing algorithms and processed mail on our behalf – this tool, and many others like it, have existed to try to help brands send out relevant content swiftly and efficiently.

Previously, the email you sent was the only thing your protection software had to consider when deciding if it was spam or not. This meant marketers only needed to be mindful of the words they used in the subject line and email body, to prevent emails going directly into spam.

However, now mail filtering is much more intuitive and wants marketing departments to be working smarter with their email sends. It’s this type of artificial intelligence for email marketing that asks the questions:

  • What happened the last time you sent an email?

  • Did users open and click through or hit delete?

  • How often do you send emails?

  • Was it recent enough to understand how likely people are to engage with this email?

Sophisticated artificial intelligence for email marketing considers not just what the content says, or the configuration of your mail server, but it watches as emails get delivered into the recipient’s inbox, and then understands how well received they were. Arm yourself with this information, and you’ll soon drive up your brand’s reputation score.

Can Artificial Intelligence for Email Marketing Improve My Brand’s Reputation Score?

Before such technological advancements, these numbers only applied to the ‘send IP address’ or domain in which you were delivering from. But, of course, the largest software companies can see through this ruse and have a much broader picture of your organisation.

That means, this quality score can affect the emails your sales teams are sending, all the invoice comms your finance team are firing over to customers, and so on.

What you do as a marketer – when it comes to better understanding artificial intelligence for email marketing – can have an impact on every single piece of digital content that’s being sent out with your organisation’s name on it.

Using Marketing Automation to Avoid Spam Traps, Bot Traffic and More...

There’s no question that email is one of the most cost-effective forms of direct communications and billions are sent out daily on a global scale, but with that comes a whole host of spam challenges that you have to be aware of as a savvy marketing department.

That’s why many of our industry’s professionals are turning to marketing automation tools to help them not only save time and money, and make them more efficient, but to help when avoiding spam traps, bot traffic and more.

Force24’s email automation platform can support brands to identify and combat email deliverability issues and use web tracking to segment users – ensuring you don’t send unsolicited emails, but instead hyper-personalised email content based on an individual’s of-the-moment interests.

Additionally, it has the power to automatically update your CRM system to avoid hard and permanent bounces that could greatly impact your brand reputation score.

Find out how to supercharge your email marketing success today by downloading our free Ultimate Guide to Email Deliverability content today.

And get in touch if you want to talk about the power of marketing automation – and how it can work with you, and not against you. Call: 0845 272 5990 or email: info@force24.co.uk


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