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Everything you Need to Know About Great Email Content

6 August 2021
by Jake Sweeney

Email marketing has long been a tool to help brands speak to customers, acquire new business opportunities and build a digital presence that fosters loyalty, builds credibility and evokes trust.

But none of that can happen if you don’t have compelling email content – even when you deliver it via a savvy marketing automation platform.

The email content has to be relevant, concise and helpful to the recipient if you want to cut through the vast online noise. And the great news here is that there are multiple email content elements to encourage consumer engagement.

However, before you craft that next digital comms campaign, here’s everything you need to know about great email content…

What Makes a Clickable Subject Line in Your Email Content?

This is one of the first things a recipient sees when your email drops into their inbox, and there are many tactics to deploy, including:

  • Ambiguity: Teasing the recipient with a vague message that encourages a click to find out what is in the email content. For example: ‘You’re Welcome’

  • Temptation: Offering a benefit within the email content – usually financial – if they open your email. For example: ‘10% Off at Next’

  • Urgency: Implying that what you’re emailing about is limited or exclusive. For example: ‘Mark, Last Chance To Get Oktoberfest Delivered! Just £1.50 a Beer’

  • Personal: Referring to your recipient in your subject line. For example: ‘Kerry, We’ve Just Added a TV Programme You Might Like’

  • Ego: Praising the reader with positive sentiment inside that makes them more likely to open your email. For example: ‘Perform at Your Best’

And don’t forget the job of the ‘sender or brand name’ – this assures the recipient the email is from a trusted source and the email’s content is secure.

Understand and Subsequently Write For Your Target Audience

We NEVER recommend using the same tone of voice for audience within different industries/niches. This also applies to your Email Marketing content, but in order for your email content to successfully resonate with your audience, you need more than just the correct tone of voice. You need to research and fully understand how your audience behave & communicate online.

Carrying out research on your target audience is a great way to gain additional insight into how they communicate. You can use this insight to adapt and guide your email content/tone of voice moving forward.

Be Clear With Your Email Content and What You Want Your Audience to Do

We recommend splitting the email content into a story over several emails, in a journey to reinforce what we want to say via different angles, and across multiple touches.

Try using a 10-word headline and a single UX-focused call to action in your email content to get them to click. Be clear – use large fonts for accessibility and pay close attention to size, colour and copy.

Do the ‘Squint Test’ on Your Email Content

Sit back with your email headline, main image and call to action on your screen and literally squint!

If the elements are well spaced out, sized nicely and standout, you’re onto a winner with your email content. If they bleed into one another, readdress your email’s layout.

Include ‘Trampoline’ Email Content

This is whatever sits below your headline and call to action, and is called the trampoline because it’s designed to bounce the reader back up to what they should be clicking on to access more. It covers:

  • Authenticity and trust: Reviews, testimonials, social validation, and humanisation

  • Associated email content: Text such as ‘you might also like…’, as well as related products and articles.

Hyper-personalise Every Element of Email Content

Savvy marketing automation platforms enable you to send targeted, ultra-individualised emails to carefully selected audiences. How powerful is that? And by personalisation we don’t mean ‘Hi [FirstName]’. Instead, it’s about sending the right message in your email content, to the right person at the right time.

Automated technology is perfect for this, as it allows you to set up relevant journeys to respond to an individual’s of-the-moment interests, ultimately driving a greater level of engagement. Force24’s email automation service boasts the ability to really personalise emails for all types of audiences, at any point in their journey. With drag and drop tools available, you can tweak your email content as much as you need!

Make your next email marketing campaign count. Download our free ‘Email Marketing Playbook’ today.

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