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Talking Martech: Email marketing, SEO, deliverability, and more!

2 July 2021
by Force24

It’s been an exciting time for digital comms at Force24's headquarters, and an even better chance to get ahead of the industry’s agenda on what a modern-day marketer’s pain-points truly are.

To bring all the latest updates to you in one place, here’s our run-down of some pertinent topics that we think you’ll like if you want to nail your content and campaigns…

Steps to improve email deliverability

A recurring problem for many marketers is ensuring your messages are getting through to the right people, at the right time, and via the right channels.

As the world consumes more than 300 billion emails per day, it’s easy to see why your digital comms might escape a customer’s attention – no matter how carefully crafted it is.

So, while you battle on to make your audience sit up and take notice, don’t forget about the basics that could ensure your email sends work as hard as they possibly can. We discussed this very topic with our friends at Bizibl here.

Why no-one’s reading your marketing emails

While you’re delving into the data to discover why recipients might not be receiving your content, we also think it’s worth continuing your learning by consuming this piece of insight via marketing disrupters MAD//Fest.

Find out why spamming and cadence are vital marketing terms, how you can make the most of your bounce information, and why marketing automation data helps you understand an individual’s of-the-moment interests… Our CEO Adam Oldfield explains all here.

Brand versus activation – why marketers must know the difference to drive email engagement

Providing the perfect interactive comms for your customers is perhaps considered the ‘holy grail’ for many marketers.

But before you even get in a room to ‘collaborate’ and ‘ideate’, get to grips with what a brand campaign can offer compared to an activation campaign.

Why do these differences matter? Because they could be the difference between your next digital comms sequence falling flat or finding its feet. We share more on this, and a few secrets too, in Influence magazine.

Welcome… The SEO Works

We’re experiencing rapid growth. That’s why we’re ramping up our online content to further educate more than 4,500-plus marketers across 2,500 B2B and B2C brands.

To support our digital comms plans and complement our existing content partnership with Scriba PR, we’ve also enlisted The SEO Works to deliver an SEO and PPC strategy. Find out more in Prolific North.

If there’s a marketing topic you want us to cover as part of our educative comms, get in touch via our InstagramTwitterLinkedIn and Facebook channels!

And any further questions you have on marketing automation, book a demo and let’s talk!


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