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Campaigns & Coffee – the podcast you should be hitting ‘subscribe’ for!

23 April 2021
by Force24

Audio content has witnessed a huge uplift throughout the pandemic, as people plug-in to hear the latest episode of their favourite programme during their lunchbreaks and downtime.

One particular podcast that’s generating a positive response is Campaigns & Coffee – a recently launched series we’re sponsoring and that’s been created by Jeremy Smith and Katie Hilton.

The show welcomes different marketers and comms professionals to discuss the best marketing campaigns the world has to offer – and what makes them successful.

Don’t worry if you’re new to this podcast either because we’ve rounded up the first three episodes for you to tune into and hit the 'subscribe' button for.

Sam Duggan and Rory Groves from Force24’s marketing team

Katie and Jeremy are joined by our head of marketing Sam Duggan and marketing manager, Rory Groves, to discuss the lasting impacts of Amazon’s ‘The Show Must Go On’ and Coke’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaigns.

During this interview, our dynamic duo also delves into how brands can truly harness the power of marketing automation to transform their digital comms and why this savvy technology is vital for email deliverability.

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James Mackenzie, director of strategic delivery for Welcome to Yorkshire

In episode two, data specialist James discusses the importance of gleaning the insight that will enhance your customers comms and ensure you’re sending content to the right person, at the right time and via the right channel.

Pre-pandemic, tourism in Yorkshire was worth £9 billion to the local economy alone and – following a challenging period for the industry as a whole – leisure businesses have had to explore alternative and creative ways to engage audiences.

However, as James points out in this interview, it’s not simply a case of sending a bland email out to the masses and expecting it to land perfectly. Consumers today want to feel understood, and know that their of-the-moment interests are reflected in the marketing messages they receive. A great way to achieve this is via data intelligence and automation technology.

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Kirstie Wilson and Hayley Paterson, senior account managers from Scriba PR

Ensuring communications are responsible and reassuring in their tone of voice and which respond positively to societal issues have been vital for brands to nail throughout the Covid-19 crisis. If you’re not empathic in your messaging and fail to deliver content that resonates with your target market, you can quickly lose brand loyalty.

That forms part of Katie and Jeremy’s discussion with PR professionals Kirstie and Hayley. As well as discussing the Netflix ‘#StayTheF*ckHome’ spoiler prank and Nike’s ‘Dream Crazier’ campaign, the group delves into the differences between marketing and PR – and how the two industries can work together to deliver hyper-personalised customer comms.

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We’re excited to hear the next episodes – and hope you are too!

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