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Could Alexis Rose, Josh Baskin and The Cat in the Hat really cut it at Force24?

4 March 2021
by Force24

Okay, so you might be thinking that lockdown has got to us a little here. But during a time in which television and film viewing has gone through the roof, we wanted to get involved.

That’s why we’ve analysed some of the most prominent sales, marketing, comms and advertising characters from our favourite shows and movies to figure out if they’d really have what it takes to make it in the world of modern-day digital marketing and automation technology.

Without further ado, here’s who we think would make a recruitment coup and a box office blunder…

1. Alexis Rose, Schitt’s Creek

Having been marooned in a destitute town following the Rose family’s bankruptcy, any one of us would be forgiven for spiralling a little – especially when you’re so used to the high life.

While Alexis certainly did this, fast-forward a few seasons, and you’re met with a main character who has evolved and set up her own PR business. We love Alexis’s dogged attitude and her events management skills roll out Singles Week. For us, she’d be an interesting character to have around the creative campaigns table.

2. Josh Baskin, Big

One for the 80s kids out there, Tom Hanks takes on the role of an adult Josh Baskin – a young lad whose wish to become big is granted by the horrific looking Zoltar machine (we still have nightmares about this).

Soon finding himself in a huge marketing campaign pitch for MacMillan Toys, we’re impressed with Josh’s confidence to challenge what works and what doesn’t. He clearly understands his audience, but does have trouble figuring out how to transform his ideas into ROI. Well, he is only 12-years-old after all, but we admire his ingenuity!

3. The Cat in the Hat

We know what you’re thinking, Lockdown 3.0 is really getting to us now. Bear with us, or rather ‘paws’ for a moment. Taking a closer look at Dr Seuss’s popular cartoon and book favourite, how can you not love his ability to achieve customer buy-in?

We asked our business development representative, Jeremy Smith, to provide his feedback on the Cat’s selling technique. He said:

“Though undoubtably able to sell in his sleep, our standards are higher than amoral creep. He’s a hard-working cat who’ll do this, that, and this. If you prize health and safety, though, give him a miss."

“Sure, he seems like a dream with his quick, witty lines. And the hat on this cat, why, he’s dressed to the nines! But if you let him in, then your fate is secured. I just hope, beyond hope, that your place is insured.”

4. Virginia Venit, Happy Gilmore

A cult classic for many, public relations director Virginia is perhaps one of our most successful comms professionals on this list.

We like how she can spot an opportunity. Yes, Happy Gilmore is an ex-hockey player-turned-golfer with some serious anger issues, but Virginia saw past that – and we love people who can identify potential in others. As well as her PR ability, we think she’d be a hugely positive presence in Force24 HQ!

5. Chris Gardner, Pursuit of Happyness

A little bit left-field here in terms of the job spec, but we’re finishing this blog on a high because you can’t escape the attitude and determination of stockbroker Chris – he’s a must-have in this rundown.

Battling homelessness and raising a young son, there’s no question Chris would strive to do whatever he could to ensure he was delivering his very best every single time. And the fact that he’s gone on to establish his own brokerage firm – and is now a motivational speaker – suggests to us that he’d be an asset to any campaign ideation, customer-facing task and company growth aspirations.

We also had Benjamin Barry, Jim Halpert and Saul Goodman on this list, but we think we better leave it there before you **really** start to worry about us…

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