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Email Marketing Playbook – download your copy today!

5 February 2021
by Force24

Around 87% of marketers use email to distribute their content organically, says the Content Marketing Institute. Now, imagine how you could utilise that figure to send conversion-led copy to the right person, at the right time, and via their preferred channel.

Let’s make that a reality!

At Force24, we love the power of digital comms and how email marketing is still holding its own, even after a quarter of a century on the scene.

And while it’s the perfect tool to create that initial conversation, as marketers you’ll have ongoing pressures to navigate privacy, GDPR, and data protection alongside the task of cutting through the vast online ‘noise’ made by billions of marketing messages sent daily – and on a global scale.

That’s why it’s important to equip you with the tools to understand how you can speak to customers with hyper-personalised, relevant content that engages them at a time when they want to be spoken to.

So, how can you leverage email marketing to become your most effective, efficient marketing channel through the use of tools, messaging, marketing psychology, and creativity during a pandemic?

The answer lies in marketing automation. And, if you can spare us 15 minutes of your time, grab yourself a drink and download our free ‘Email Marketing Playbook’ so we can tell you more.

With our guide, we’ll help you to:

  • Understand how automation can seamlessly stitch together complex, multi-channel communication journeys

  • Segment audiences so you can talk to multiple groups of customers at the same time – all from one tailored email build

  • Create and deliver conversion-led customer campaigns in minutes rather than hours

  • Craft engaging subject lines to entice recipients to buy your product or service

  • Measure the metrics that matter and introduce you to the powers of lead scoring

If you want to save up to eight hours a week, and get back to strengthening your customer relationships, download our guide today.

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