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The 12 questions to ask in a marketing automation demo

4 December 2020
by Force24

You’ll know by now how much we wax lyrical about the power of digital comms and automating your marketing messages to engage with the right people, at the right time and via their preferred channels.

And because we love this topic so much, it’s only right that we make you, the marketer, feel prepared when it comes to organising a demonstration of our platform – so you get every ounce of why marketing automation will make your life easier (in fact, we can even save you eight hours per week!)

So, without further ado, we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers, so that they’re all ready for you when you take those all-important steps towards investing in savvy marketing technology. Here’s what you should be asking…

1. How can marketing automation save me time?

With us, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and expertise to build high-performing campaigns in five minutes – rather than five hours – and landing pages in just 15 minutes.

Take a look at our Journey Builder which has been created to make marketers more efficient and conversion-led in their email delivery. We also have a free downloadable 4 steps to save time guide!

2. How can I drive an increase in engagement with marketing automation?

From automated journeys to personalised landing page creation, delivery and analysis, our savvy automation platform can manage your content in the background so you can prioritise the tasks that need an all-important customer conversation.

Additionally, with Force24 you can segment your audience on a more granular level, so you’re engaging recipients with content they want to consume, at the right time, and via the right channel.

3. Can I integrate with my internal systems such as CRM, Ads and social media? 

We’ve got over 700 integrations to smoothly link right into whatever you need it to – whether that’s via a CRM or POS system or even a Facebook Ads account. We understand that some may need custom-made integrations too, so just let us know what you’re after!

4. How safely stored is your customer data, and will it be affected by data laws from leaving the EU? 

Being UK-based and built, our data never leaves the UK, so we’re completely unaffected by any change to data laws from the EU or the 2020 abolition of the EU-US Privacy Shield.

5. How can marketing automation enable me to segment my audience and deliver different messages to different groups of people?

Most marketers know personalisation as “Hello [first name]” but it’s so much more than that. We’re talking about sending personalised marketing communications right down to the individual’s demographics, and of-the-moment wants and needs. And then there’s lead scoring…

6. How can lead scoring help generate sales?

Lead scoring is a perfect way to put a number on the metaphorical head of any person who visits your website or shows an interest in your product or service. The higher the score, the more interested they are in your business. That means you’ll be able to conduct less cold calling and instead focus on the warmer conversations that convert. We can show you a real-life example of how it’s used in our business, too.

7. How do I build an automated journey?

Do you have five minutes? We help you to create one in less time than it takes to prepare your lunch! And that goes for the even the most complex of journeys – just give us a brief of what you’re after, and we can discuss how you begin.

With us, you’ll soon get to understand the six-step email nurture sequence that we swear by – and which takes a customer right from an introduction all the way through to a conversion. Why not have a look at our ‘How to send the perfect plain text nurture sequence’ guide to keep you going until then!

And as well as helping you to create and deliver a journey in minutes, we can also tell you how to transform it into an integrated campaign so that you maximise every drop of marketing collateral in at your disposal.

8. How do I analyse the performance of my campaigns?

With our analytics, you can see detailed up-to-date information on all your email marketing campaigns, so you can delve into where they’re performing the best – and the point of the sequence that needs tweaking because it’s not landing as well as anticipated.

9. How do results with marketing automation differ versus manual campaign sends?

With hyper-personalised communications, there’s not only a difference in the quality of engagement, but also the brand loyalty that comes with a recipient that’s targeted in the right way.

With a message that’s tailored to their individual interests and of-the-moment online behaviours, you’ll be winning over the more generic emails that are likely to end up in a person’s Spam folder.

10. What channels can I use to communicate with via marketing automation?

All your regular comms channels can be tied into automation – whether that’s paid ads, email, SMS or direct mail.

11. How can I combine all these features into a killer marketing strategy? 

The real power of Force24 comes when everything works together. By using the web activity to track who’s been on your website, you can sort customers into personalised datasets for these recipients to then be targeted with relevant, automated, engaging email journeys and personalised landing pages. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and definitely something we can’t wait to show you!

12. How long will it take me to learn how to use marketing automation?

Automation does often seem like a scary word to some marketers, but it’s really not when you get the right help and become familiar with the features. You’ll soon wonder how you coped without it too… Or at least that’s what we hope!

We provide unlimited free training and support for life – on a 2-minute SLA – to Force24 customers too. We also have telephone support and a live chat service from 9am-5.30pm to help you during each step of the way to becoming a marketing automation guru!

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