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Platinum Partner spotlight – introducing… myCloud Media

9 October 2020
by Force24

Collaborations are becoming increasingly popular within the world of marketing, but in a crowded martech industry, the savviest of agencies are looking for best-of-breed platforms to help their clients grow.

A growing number are approaching Force24 as their marketing automation platform of choice, and – of these – a select number then make their way onto our Platinum Partner programme.

We’re always pretty wowed by their work, so we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on them, one by one. Next up, it’s Tim Bennett, founder and managing director at myCloud Media, who covers everything from his use of Force24 to where he sees his business in 12 months’ time, in this quickfire Q&A…

1. Describe your company in your own words

We help clients to do more with digital, which means improving their online presence and helping them to work smarter using the latest technologies to positively influence bottom line profits.

We love to educate and train our customers to use their websites and digital platforms more. We see ourselves as a ‘slick and silent sales team’ that works around the clock to maximum effect. This then drives the all-important lead generation and conversions.

2. And why is high-performance marketing automation important to you and your clients?

Quality data empowers our clients to work more intelligently and be highly focused in their marketing approach when they’re speaking directly with their customers.

Through Force24’s automation technology, we can provide clients with the power to deliver a truly hyper-personalised level of service in abundance and utilise tried and tested tools – all via one easy-to-use platform.

3. Why did Force24 cut the mustard?

It was important for us to work alongside a UK leader in marketing automation and offer a complete, wrap-around support for our customers. The team’s hands-on support and training for life promise wins hands down every time, too.

Not everyone provides those vital, additional touches, and that’s what really makes it a valuable partnership. Additionally, combine these elements with full GDPR knowledge and compliance, it’s another win-win for us and our clients because we know we’re offering the very best, most secure, service possible.

4. Describe our marketing automation platform in three words

Adaptable, comprehensive, and cost-effective.

5. And your favourite feature?

I love the Genius Blocks function because it allows us to help clients create and deliver deeper, more personalised email campaigns and ultra-individualised landing pages for customers – and they can all be done in minutes rather than hours.

We’re all about providing maximum content targeting and UX customisation options for the businesses we speak to on a daily basis, and such a clever feature achieves this perfectly for us.

6. What’s your biggest challenge as a marketer?

It’s a case of helping clients to ‘niche down’ and targeting relevant recipients instead of going for a blanket approach that’s loosely received by all – and turns out to be a hugely detrimental marketing miss-fire.

We want to keep supporting clients in how they nurture prospects through detailed customised journeys, so they can continue to build trust and ultimately deliver a successful sales funnel for their products and services.

There isn’t ever really a one size fits all approach with marketing, so it’s vital for us to continue to educate clients and ensure that they’re adopting a more personalised and granular approach to their digital comms. That means analysing throughout and making sure they are harnessing their data that’s gleaned from automation.

7. But what do you love most about your job?

It has to be helping businesses to win in their chosen market sector with smart, web-based technologies. It’s hugely rewarding when that high level of support that we provide – and pride ourselves on – goes a long way towards generating leads and maximizing long-term customer loyalty.

8. Complete the sentence: I am a marketing…

Practitioner. I believe in good planning, then quick campaign execution followed by effective measurement via the marketing metrics that matter. Then, it’s a case of ‘review, adapt, rinse and repeat’…

9. What’s in store for your agency over the next 12 months?

We’ve got a real focus on winning ‘dream clients’ that will help us to grow our offering throughout the UK. Our ultimate ambition is to become the go-to experts for cutting-edge web design and assisting in how manufacturing and tech sectors can apply marketing automation to deliver engaging campaigns – that convert.

10. And your must-know marketing tip?

All businesses have a mountain of knowledge and specialist advice that can be used to tell their unique story. It’s up to us to use this resource and help the client to tap into new opportunities – that way they’ll be able to set themselves apart from competitors and drive true ROI.

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