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Download your free guide: How the abolition of the EU-US Privacy Shield affects marketers

16 October 2020
by Force24

Following the popularity of our recent webinar and blog covering the latest guidance on overseas data storage, we want to keep the conversation going so that UK marketing departments are fully aware of everything they need to know concerning the topic of security.

To recap, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) declared the EU-US Privacy Shield – a framework for regulating transatlantic exchanges of personal data for commercial purposes between the European Union and the US – invalid on 16th July 2020.

This means that information stored in North America, for example, is now illegal – leaving marketers with the prospect of switching their martech services to UK or EU providers instead.

Answering many questions from our industry’s professionals – during a Force24 webinar with EU-certified GDPR practitioner, Philip Allott, and Berwins Solicitors founder, Paul Berwin, in September – we soon discovered this was a huge concern for organisations.

That’s why we want to keep talking about this topic – and have therefore rolled-out a series of content that continues to educate marketers on the latest guidance.

Alongside another webinar – set to be held this month – we’ve also launched a handy, free, straight-talking guide! Inside this short document, we cover what the abolition of the EU-US Privacy Shield means for businesses using US-based martech, and outline why the framework was declared invalid.

In addition, marketers will be provided with answers on:

  • Where their marketing department’s data will now go – and who decides its destination
  • Whether – or not – sending data to an American firm is now illegal
  • The resulting impact of Brexit
  • Vital questions asked by marketers – all of which were posed during our September webinar

We understand that storing data is an organisation’s choice. However, we also recognise there’s a huge problem when a company decides – on another’s behalf – to move this detail without their say-so.

Marketers shouldn’t feel insecure or ‘in the dark’ about the latest security guidance. Download our free guide today.

Don’t forget to join our upcoming webinar – with returning guest Philip and Paul – on the EU-US Privacy Shield, Brexit and GDPR on Thursday, 15th October, at 11.30am. Find out more information, and register, here.


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